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Since the sixties, we’ve had Star Trek thrown at us in so many ways that it is hard to fathom that a television pilot, filmed in half black and white and half color, called The Cage, would have gone on to such heights. To this day, I am curious how the first Captain of the Enterprise, Jeffrey Hunter, the actor who portrayed the original Captain Christopher Pike, would have dealt with that after giving up his role to take on movie projects.
Unfortunately, we will never know as the man passed away at the young age of 42 in 1969.

But Jeffrey Hunter was just the first of a long line of actors and actresses that wore the famous delta insignia on thir left breast through the years. And that insignia has become synonymous with Star Trek, no matter what era it is portrayed in. It is the one symbol that can be found in each and every incarnation of Star Trek save for “Enterprise”.

So where am I going with this, you may ask? Well it’s just a long winded way to introduce this week’s Poll of the Week question. Of all the Star Trek you have watched, which was your favorite and why? So head on down to the polls and vote for your favorite form of Star Trek that you have ever seen.

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