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Commander Reinard, "Lights Out."

Nathan Baker

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((Conference Room, Deck 1))

::This was a mutiny! There were all against him! He was completely shocked that they would try and do this to him. Had he not been a good and honest Captain to him? Where was the gratitude and loyalty? ::

::Commander Greir Reinard was not himself and he couldn’t understand why everyone was questioning him. He couldn’t think properly or see past the red mist. He had never behaved like this in his life and everyone in the room seemed to know it was uncharacteristic of him too. ::

Reinard: Oh no you don’t! ::Breathing heavily and getting more agitated:: Mutiny! I won’t have it!

::He thought he could trust these people, so why were they doing this to him? It didn’t seem right or fair to him! ::

Falcon: ::Voice still calm, but nervousness working its way in.:: Sir, this isn’t mutiny. We’re concerned for you. That’s all.

Thomas: ::Keeping his eye on the Captain, Kael addressed the Counsellor.:: Commander Brice, you’ll be accompanying the Captain to where he wants to go.

::That sounded more like it. They were going to do what he wanted. He lowered the chair a little so it wasn’t raised high above his head. He was glad they had remembered their place. ::

Brice: Where?

Thomas: He wants to go to the Brig, we’ll escort him there. But first I need to organise to get him there.

::Wait what? What did they mean by ‘organise to get him there’? weren’t they going to walk like normal people? He’d been putting the chair down but stopped as he suddenly became suspicious and paranoid all at once. ::

Reinard: Hold on a minute. What are you doing? We are going to the brig right?

::He meant to go and talk to Bo’Sun. He didn’t know why but he strongly felt that’s what they needed to do. If this was a mutiny though as he now felt it was… maybe this was a trick to put him in the brig! He had never thought Commander Thomas capable of such treachery. How could he make such a poor choice in him for first officer when he was normally such a good judge of character? He’d never felt so betrayed in his life and it hurt badly. ::

Thomas: =/\= Ensign Block, lock onto the Captain and Commander Brice, and prepare to transport. Confirm when that is done. =/\=

::Greir started to raise the chair again. He wasn’t planning on escorting him anywhere! He was only locking on to Brice and himself. She was the only one who could back him up and stop Thomas. His actions were out of order!. ::

Block: =/\= Locked on sir, where am I sending them? =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Listen carefully and when I’m finished do it immediately. Transport the Captain and Commander Brice, ::now speaking as quick as he could be understood.:: to sickbay and place the Captain behind a containment field…NOW!

::Greir gave an almighty roar of pure rage and swung the chair back over his head, preparing to flig it with all his might. Unfortunately the transporter beam took him and the momentum the chair had gathered send it flying backwards towards the door..::

((Sickbay - Darwin-A))

::As soon as Greir materialised in sickbay he slumped to the floor. The transport had made him feel disoriented and he was completely surrounded by an energy field. He felt like it was pressing him into place. Worse still he could feel the energy fields from the warp core and the freighter becoming stronger. He was desperately afraid and needed to get out of here as quickly as possible. ::

::He could hear voices behind him and got to his feet, using the biobed as a support. He began to get his bearings again. He’d never fielded this much all at once and the fact that he couldn’t control it and filter out things like normal was pushing his freak out button. ::

::That wasn’t what was making him so angry and aggressive though, although it was a contributing factor to his emotionally turbulent state. He could think clearly, he didn’t feel himself and he was all too mindful of the problems he’d suffered as a child. He was certain something had gone terribly wrong when he’d banged his head. ::

::Now he was trapped in a place that was lit up worse than the city of Bondi had been and there was no countryside to retreat to. If his nervous system got too overloaded with it all then he could be paralysed or maybe killed. He felt more and more sure, with the pain in his head and growing nausea that the worst would surely happen. ::

Manius: Captain, this is Dr Manius, can you tell me what’s wrong? I want to help you.

Reinard: ::In a panic:: Make it stop! It’s killing me!

::Was there anyone on this ship that would help him? Maybe he’d had it too good for too long and the price for everything great he’d had in life was an early and painful exit from this stage in the cycle. He wasn’t ready to cease being yet. There was still so much he wanted to do! ::

Manius: What’s killing you? You have to tell me or I can’t help.

::Greir strained to focus and think hard to try and explain the problem. It should have been a simple matter to express but he’d become riled up way beyond a point where he could control himself, even with all of his years of training in counselling. ::

Reinard: The energy fields. It’s too much! You have to drop the energy fields

::It came out as a terrified plea. His fielding had reached a point that had he been asked to find anything on the ship freighter or immediate area, down to the smallest energy weapon he could find it in a heartbeat. He was unprepared for it! ::

Manius: ::Speaking urgently:: Ok I’ll do you a deal. You lie on the biobed and I’ll drop the containment field.

::Greir paced around. Lie on the biobed. Lie on the biobed. Lie on the biobed. It sounded so simple. For the first time since this had all started he felt like he knew what he had to do. That it would lead to something good happening made it all the more appealing. ::

Manius: Captain! Lie down on the biobed!

::Right! Lie on the biobed. Now would be good. He stopped his pacing and did it immediately, trying to calm his breathing down so he didn’t hyperventilate. Sure enough the containment field came down and there was one less thing assaulting his senses. Maybe this could work. Greir wanted another deal like that. One that led to another, bigger switch off. ::

Manius: Just like I said sir, the containment field is down. Just try to remain still and calm.

::What, no deal? Greir couldn’t handle that. Was he supposed to just lie here and die? No. There was only one thing for it, he had to get away. He needed to get as far away from the Darwin as possible, by any means. ::

Reinard: ::Urgently:: I need to get out of here!

::He sat up suddenly, with wide panicked eyes. He lunged at Dr Manius, the man who stood between him and his continued existence. There was a struggle as Greir tried to get past Manius and out of the room. The man had grabbed him and intended to put him back on the death bed. He was just as much a traitor as the rest. ::

Manius: ::Strained:: Computer! Re-erect containment field!

::Greir freaked out and screamed right in Todd’s face. He had no regard for anything or anyone else and was furious that his freedom had been denied. Already feeling angry and aggressive this latest mood stoked the fired and he finally crossed the final barrier, assaulting Todd by violently striking him, hard in the face. The instinctive move had left him exposed and a small hiss by his ear indicated the Doctor had succeeded in pumping him full of drugs. He felt extremely tired all of a sudden and with it the powerful emotions seemed to fade into the background as he slumped to the floor and sleep took him.::


Commander Greir Reinard

Commanding Officer

USS Darwin-A

Cadet Steward: UFOP: SB118 Academy

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