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February Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

StarBase 118 Staff

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With the planet of Talvath armed with the tools they needed to begin their restoration, the crew of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A headed to Deep Space 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation. Wasting zero time of their first shore leave together they began forging strong social and professional relationships right up until the Commander signalled an official end to shore leave.

As the Darwin prepared to leave, Commander Reinard presented the crew with service ribbons and promotions for the excellent work on the last mission. As the crew dispersed, Captain Hallum briefed Commander Reinard about the suspected contents of the just departed Freighter Tenacity. Armed with the knowledge that this Freighter was believed to be carrying weapons illegally the Darwin set out from Deep Space 6 at high warp.

Working diligently the crew of the Darwin successfully followed the path left by Tenacity despite the freighters attempts to shake them. Shrugging off the dated weaponry on the Tenacity, the crew disabled and brought the Freighter into the Containment sphere to hold, pending their investigation.

As away teams beamed over to the contained Freighter the task of trawling through the the contents of the Freighter became a quick priority. Back on the Darwin, Commander Reinard and his team began to ask questions of the two Laudean officers, accused by Deep Space 6 of transporting weapons illegally. Their claims to innocence were soon to be tested as the away team begins to uncover the true nature of their cargo.

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