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Executive Council passes Bylaw 8

StarBase 118 Staff

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A new bylaw has been added, which deals with the decommissioning of ships. You can find it on the Bylaws page of the website, under Bylaw 8.

While decommissioning of a vessel is still in the hands of the Executive Council (EC), this bylaw has been introduced to remove some of the ambiguity around the process and create firmer guidelines for when a ship might be in consideration to be decommissioned.

The EC has carefully considered the circumstances in which a ship is headed into what we call “the death spiral,” which is characterized by a decreasing sim count month-by-month, and come up with various metric which would trigger a decommissioning. The goal is to ensure that captains are not only more aware of their monthly metrics, but that there is a procedure by which the EC will be prompted to warn a captain that a decommissioning could be imminent, so that circumstance can be avoided.

As always, we’re looking for ways to clarify our policies and make them clearer and more transparent. If you have any suggestions about other ways we can improve the community, be sure to talk to your captain!

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