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Easy Starter Bio: Read This!


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Hi guys,

Because all of us on the featured bio contest team want you to have the best possible chance of creating an awesome looking bio, we've put together a template bio that includes instructions on how you can personalise it and make it your own! If you're starting up a brand new bio, follow the steps below for instant results!

Step 1: Head to the page you want to create, usually CharacterSurname, CharacterFirstName (e.g. Herrera, Diego)

Step 2: Hit 'edit'

Step 3: Paste the text below into the edit window and hit save:-


When your page saves you will magically have all of the code for a pre-formatted bio that meets all of the judging criteria for the featured bio contest! You can also do this if you're performing a complete overhaul, but don't forget to copy and paste the information that you previously had on your bio page somewhere safe so you don't erase it. :)

We hope this is useful to you! Enjoy!

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