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Advancing the Plot

StarBase 118 Staff

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The secret to any good story is an incredible plot. There is so much story to be told, that you never want to miss a chance to flesh out an idea. Whether it is a personal plot, or a plot for a much longer story arch, they key to a great plot is detail. In a writing group, the only real way to convey this, is to weave your words together to make others sit on the edge of their seat.

Keeping things interesting is the key to including others. It is easy for a plot to change with just a couple great ideas. The best way to advance the plot is to include others, and really focus on what is going on. Keep a close eye on what has already been written, because the most interesting plots are the ones that are believable. If you are operating near the Romulan Neutral Zone, would it really make sense for a Cardassian ship to show up?

There are countless things to think about, and ways to advance any plot. Read the full tutorial to see how easy it can be to advance the plot, and think about the things you may not have focused on in the past!

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