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PNPC T'Ana- Teaching Moments (NT)

Hannibal Parker

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(( Marine Holodeck - USS Thunder-A )) :: T'Ana sat on the floor cross legged watching the ship's company of marines practice their combat skills in the holodeck training program, sweat dripping off her face and her careful posed expression of neutral disinterest visible to her six guards. They stood in the corners and center of a rectangular part of the holodeck cordoning her off from the rest of the crew here. :: :: Being a prisoner as long as she had been, certain things had to be taken care of. They were not allowed to keep her in solitary confinement forever and so she was given one hour every two days to exercise on the holodeck. It was always with a the main component of marines so there was no chance of an escape. T'Ana would never attempt such a brash act, but already had figured her best options, if she so chose, was transport between her cell and the holodeck. Whoever was planning her security arrangement had experience dealing with high profile people. The person, whoever it was, made sure she was always escorted with six at a distance, no transporter was ever used in case of an interception, and her ability to move undetected was impossible thanks to so many eyes. :: T'Ana: oO I do love a puzzle, nameless. Oo :: Focusing ahead, she saw a young marine in hand to hand combat with another, more seasoned. It was the knife fight drill and the poor kid kept getting put down each time. :: T'Ana: :: muttering :: You're extending your arm to far. :: Her voice must have been louder than she planned or his hearing was much better than she anticipated. :: Conner: ::anry:: What was that? :: The marines in the general area stopped what they were doing, but T'Ana did not rise to the bait. She remained seated. :: T'Ana: You're over extending your attacks. You've been dueling him for over fifteen minutes now and haven't found his weakness. Adams: Weakness? What weakness? :: The seasoned veteran did not like being used as an example. Angry and proud. Just the way she liked them. A small crossed her face. :: T'Ana: You favor your left leg to move out of range of a thrust so you can come underneath your opponent in a throw. :: Adams scoffed, but his eyes told her that he knew what she was capable. The message she sent with the naked marines a few months ago still rang in their minds. Standing slowly so her guards did not get jumpy, she turned to them. :: T'Ana: May I? Johns: What? T'Ana: :: sarcastic:: I'm in a holodeck with imaginary weapons and safeties on. I doubt I can get away. :: They were a little unsure, but Adams stepped up and tossed her one of the rubber knives. She flipped it so the blade lay against her forearm and not pointed out. :: T'Ana: In a knife fight, Private Conner, your advantage is the usage of your blade. You want to keep a low profile to your enemy and get in close. You need to watch their body language to know how they are going to strike. :: Adams stepped up and T'Ana remained motionless. Adams was smart, he did not move against her so she began to circle with the blade still laying against her arm. With a quick movement, the Romulan assassin stepped in to range and Adams lashed out with the blade, she bent her torso backwards to avoid the blade and then before he could step back from her thrust, she placed the top of her foot against the back of the knee enough to make him stumble. The movement was subtle and relied on his momentum and as he began to fell, her fake blade cracked him across the throat gently. :: T'Ana: You're dead. :: The marines had begun to gather as she returned to her defenseless posture. She looked at them. :: T'Ana: I am guessing from your training that you all are improving your hand to hand combat skills for security details. Your commander believes more assassins are coming and so wants you to be prepared. Your folly is that you are thinking like marines, not like an assassin. Conner: What do you mean? :: Connor was the curious one. That was good. His youth did not taint his opinion of her yet. He saw a learning opportunity, but remained guarded of her. :: T'Ana: Marines are honorable. Marines fight for their loved ones, they fight for their pack, they fight for their people. :: There was a murmur of agreement. They were very pack minded and she knew that Major Parker's morale building had not gone to waste. :: Adams: And how is that not good? T'Ana: Because...assassins think of one thing. Complete the assignment. There is no honor. There is only the target. You think assassins will come at you from the front or the back. We will come sideways. Poison, long range sniper shots, close quarters combat from where you least expect it. When you patrol with your VIP, do you even bother to wonder if the security has been infiltrated? What about that diminutive maid who has been working at the residence for three years? Assassins will do what they have to to kill their target. They know weakness and they *will* exploit it. :: There were growls and her words were unsettling. That was what she wanted. Hannibal was a very good soldier and his black op files were filled with perfect missions, but each were run by a team and they completed as a team. Assassins were alone and that's how they thought. T'Ana: You all have weaknesses. Know them and the enemy will have a harder time exploiting them. Adams: What weaknesses? Your little trick was good, but that's in fighting. :: It was a challenge and she needed to prove her words more than anything. :: T'Ana: You're weakness is women. I've seen how you stare at me and the rest of your female comrades. An assassin will see that and use it to their advantage. Connor, you're trusting and will believe any sob story handed to you, Morgan, you're anger blinds you to the obvious, Gregson, your loyalty to the Federation keeps you from seeing any enemy wearing your uniform. If you are to fight an assassin DO NOT trust anything or anyone until your target is safe or the attacker is dead. :: With that, she turned and headed for the door with her guards behind her. They needed to be ready. There would be another and she had to make sure that no one was killed. If she couldn't complete the mission, no one was going to be allowed. :: ~tbc~ PNPC T'Ana Romulan Assassin As Simmed By... Lt Cmdr Nugra First Officer USS Thunder-A Embassy, Duronis II

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