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January Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

StarBase 118 Staff

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After down time granted for reacclimation to duties in the wake of the Ravensville incident, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 received notification that the ship would be inspected by the Stratigo of Zakdorn, Bokzadema Bokzadeshti. Knowing the Zakdorn’s penchant for gaining a tactical upper hand, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera ordered the crew to prepare for the inspection at short notice… but the Stratigo never came.

At least not until 3am the next morning. Her efforts to catch the crew snoozing were inconvenient at worst but the revelation of the real reason for her visit came as the heaviest blow. During the Vigilant’s construction, she had placed a bug in escape pod 1A which had been phased to avoid detection. After playing scenes from the previous year that had taken place on the bridge and in the ready room as proof, Bokzadeshti left, claiming that the Vigilant crew were not as observant as they thought and that things on Zakdorn IV had not been quelled one year earlier.

An irate Fleet Captain Herrera ordered the ship to be combed for bugs and surveillance equipment but this only resulted in the rediscovery of the virus that had been stalking Lieutenant Dueld taJoot since his arrival. After landing the ship, efforts to purge the virus have resulted in the auto-destruct sequence arming. Meanwhile, in the capital, the away team awaits another meeting with the Stratigo to find out more about her allegations that a dark power lurks within the Federation.

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