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Cmdr Frost & LtCmdr Amann - Qualifications

LtCmdr Alexander Richards

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((Briefing Room - USS Gemini))

:: Liam was beginning to worry he was not getting his point across effectively. He wasn't unfamiliar with confrontation, but it was usually with someone directly opposed to what he was trying to achieve. This was different. He and Hsina were theoretically on the same side. While he wanted to give his officers enough leeway to do their jobs. But not at the risk of putting the rest of the crew at potential risk.::

Frost: This is not a negotiation. You have your position for as long as you demonstrate your ability to do it. If you're not prepared to follow the rules, then you can pack up and find another another assignment, do I make myself clear?

Amman: Yes sir. Permission to speak freely?

:: He raised an eyebrow, not entirely sure what she felt needed to be said. But he considered himself nothing if not open minded.::

Frost: Alright, I'll bite.

Amman: With regards to firearms, I have taken them on missions on four occasions. The first time was as a junior science officer. I had never fired a phaser before and our security chief, Commander Eskyys, gave it to me for the mission so that I might actually hit what I aimed at. The second was on an away team where we correctly predicted the presence of a power dampening field that would render energy weapons useless. The third was again on an away mission where we correctly expected disturbances with regard to powered systems and the fourth was specifically when ordered to take into a custody a Brikar, who by nature of his species was all but immune to the effects of phasers.

Frost: I'll keep that in mind if we ever go up against the Brikkar or the Borg.

Amman: If you order me not to use alternative weapons I will not use them. I just wanted to point out that there are situations in which non-powered weapons are vital for maintaining security.

:: He understood where her intentions lay, and he couldn't entirely fault it. But he wasn't here to discuss his officers intentions.::

Frost: That was the general idea. Now what about your own wellbeing?

Amman: Again sir, if you or medical order me to see the counselor, I'll see the counselor, but I think my record should also show you that I'm not unstable or likely to crack under pressure.

:: This was were things began to go sideways for him. She may have believed that she wasn't going to lose control. Few people possessed the self-awareness to identify the signs before it happened. That was part of why they had counselors and psychologists. People who could identify the signs before they become problematic or dangerous.::

Frost: The counselors at Starfleet Medical seem to think differently. Why do you think that is?

Amman: Specifically? Commander Blueheart thought it was a symptom that I didn¹t mourn or show any sadness with loss or display any signs of fear

Frost: Everyone mourns differently, I'm not here to tell you how to react to that. But fear is different. Fear is an evolved response that keeps human beings alive. What changed for you?

Amman: Outlook maybe. I don¹t honestly don't know. I don't ever remember being afraid of anything, and the last time I felt truly sad was when my mother died, and that was over 30-years-ago my time.

:: Fear was an interesting topic of discussion and study. Fear was the instinct that kept human beings alive long enough to reproduce and evolve. It was what kept his primitive ancestors from charging head first into a lion's den. Controlled fear was what allowed him to be a good fighter. The fear of losing kept him training, and the fear of getting punched in the face reminded him to keep his guard up. Of course, there were those that feared the irrational, or even those that feared the rational to an irrational degree. But Hsina seemed to have the opposite problem.::

Frost: My concern is that a lack of fear may lead you to make irrational or dangerous decisions. I'm not going to lie, I'm surprised that you were cleared for duty.

Amman: Why? You have two Vulcans on your staff, do think their lack of fear will lead them to make irrational or dangerous decisions? I take my duties very seriously, and not falling apart under pressure is probably a good thing. Still, if you do not wish me to serve as your chief of security, then I will gladly step down and disembark at our next stop or rendezvous. I'm the first to admit that I¹m not much of a Starfleet security officer. I¹ve had two months of direct commission training and then served most of my one year in uniform as a science officer.

Frost: Vulcans are also not susceptible to emotional extremes either. But that's beside the point. So how did you make your way to security?

Amman: Well sir, Captain Waltas thought that I was the best person to keep his ship and crew safe. I plan to do everything in my power to give you the same impression.

:: Liam had been in security before. He had served as the Chief of Security for Starbase 118, with several thousand officers under his command. But if he was being honest, the story of how he got there wasn't that much different than hers. He was qualified, but he hadn¹t had a lot of practical experience.::

Frost: I'm not here to discuss your qualifications. As I told you, you will have your job for as long as you demonstrate your ability to do it.

Amman: I believe my ability is why I¹ve been continually promoted instead of fired.

Frost: But make no mistake, I won't put up with anyone who breaks the rules just because they don't like them. There's no room for cowboys on my ship. Do we understand each other?

Amman: Clearly.

LtCmdr Hsina Amman
Chief of Security
USS Gemini


Commander Liam Frost
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini

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