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Graduated with Hebron


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Yupo. Sheriden, what are you doing in here. This is for people who graduated with me, or have just themselves left in UFOP. JK. Who is left from your class?

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Nope, still a good old Lt. Commander. :)

Don't remember me? I remember giving advice to a certain Lt. about how he should ask for extra responsibilities on the old message boards many a long time ago. Didn't work for me, but what can ya do? :unsure:

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Just to clarify, the advice was given on the boards about responsiblities on the Kodiak. I personally have been all over and as the same character. SB118, then DS72, then Defiance-A, Ronin, BT, and now Albion. My only other primary character was Alexander Molbogot, of Orion Syndicate fame. He was on the Kodiak, but I retired him when I switched e-mail accounts and Toullis was assigned to SB118.

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