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LtCmdr Ian West - The Two West

Alex Blair

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((Commonwealth Holodeck))

Blair: =/\= Blair to Warwick and Braddock, will you gentlemen please join us in the Captain’s Dining room?=/\=

Warwick: =/\= Acknowledged. I'll be with you shortly =/\=

::He arrived at the room at the same time as Braddock and gestured for the man to enter first..::

Braddock: You wanted to see us captain?


West: And so have I. There strong. I can taste, and smell and feel things.

Braddock: Yeah I have two conflicting thoughts. One says Leah and Michael died on the Tiger and somewhere in the back of my mind I know their still alive.


Warwick: I'm got two thoughts too, SIr. On the one had I remeber everything you do - the Tiger being destroyed I mean but, it almost sounds too stupid to vocalise.


West: I can remember the Tiger being destroyed as well, but its a different type of memory.


Warwick: I don't remember even stepping foot on her. It's all just hazy, glimpses of hulls and pictures. I couldn't even tell you who this Leah and Michael were...or are as it may be.


West: It is just odd feelings.


Warwick: So, why the difference?

Blair/Braddock: RESPONSES

Warwick: That's not really my area of medical expertise.

Blair/Braddock: RESPONSES

::Ian got an Idea, not wanting to share it with the others. He got up and walked out the Captains Dinning room and made his way to main engineering. Walking into the room. He looked around and saw the crew hard at work.::

West: Clear the room, I need a moment to my self please.

::Ian watched as the Engineering detail walked out the room. Once they were gone, He sealed off Main Engineering and locked out the main controls. Walking over to the Security Locker he Opened it and pulled out the newest in Star Fleet Phaser Rifles.

Knowing that as soon as he pulled it Lt. Commander Braddock would be notified. Pulling back the charge plate and holding it for three seconds and letting it go to [...] the weapon for firing. Pressing a few keys and powered it up to full.

Walking over to the warp core and taking aim, Ian lined up the main chamber and Fired. Holding the beam on the warp core for four seconds and the chamber blew!!! The Ship was engulfed in the explosion.

Ian looked up from his paper. He was sitting in his office on the 5th floor of City hall. Taking a moment to look around. Ian stood up and walked over the windows and opened the them wide. Stepping up on the ledge He crossed him self with his right hand and jumped.

((Deep Space 17))

::The Alt West, Held his chest with one hand and his head with the other. He feel against the wall. Picking him self up he moved quickly to the Bridge of the Tiger A.

He found his self there before anyone got there. He pulled open the computer wall bulk head and started removing hardware.

((Commonwealth Holodeck))

Pick up and Drill, Ian pressed the screw into the spin on the female laying on his table and stated placing the pins in place to finish up his last TLIFT of the day. Pulling over the Xray he had the tech shoot a few images and as he looked, Memory's started flowing in.

Picking up and 10 blade Ian held it to his neck and pulled it across quickly. He gasped and feel back to floor of the OR, looking up at the bright White Light, he new it was not heaven it was the OR light. it grew dark and became faint.

Look back up from his station he armed the phasers and fired on the ship behind the Avenger. The Phaser just bounced off its hull. She came around with full powered up weapons. He heard Captain Braddock yelling in the background. As the Romulans began to fire. Ian dropped the shields and the Bridge was blown to bits.

((USS Tiger Bridge))

:: The Alt West feel to the floor holding his chest, his mind was spinning. Get his balance he stood up and and pulled his phaser out as he did the turbo lift doors opened and he watched as Riley and Clack and a few other officers walked on to the Bridge. He held up the phaser at them. He was having a hard time breathing and covered in sweat.::

Alt-West: Don't move. Stay right there.


((Commonwealth HoloDeck))

Looking into his scoop at the German army.::

West: Looks like Death Sweepers.

:: Ian stood up and yelled and waved his arms. It was not long and he hit the floor. The holodeck started flickering and the room started shifting from life to life so quickly that you could barley make anything out.

The real West in the Holodeck Control Lab woke up laying on the table. He could not breath. He pulled his self up from the bed and the probe that was placed in back of his scull pulled lose. As this happened Ian feel to the floor convulsing and going into cardiac failure. He saw Blair, Braddock and Warwick start to wake up. He had done it. But was he going to die?::

((Bridge USS Tiger A))

::The Link to the real west was lost. The Alt West feel to his knees panting. He kept the phaser pointing at the Tigers Crew. As the connection was fully lost. The Alt West shifted and turned a light blue and a white glowing hair with cat like eyes. He stood up standing a almost 7 foot tall.::

Alt West: The Commonwealth will not give up captain.


Alt West: You have been warned. We are here!!! Among you!

::He raised the phaser and fired it at the wall of computer hard ware and turned his head and actived his death trigger.

A second later the Alt-Weat turned to Pink and Blue Mist as he exploded on the bridge. Chunks of the Commonwealth Officer landed all over the bridge and walls.::


Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

Lt. Commander Ian Lane West, D.A.S.
Mission Specialist & Strategic Operations
Star Fleet 118th Fleet, Ithassa Region
USS Tiger NCC-52199-A

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