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Ens Rennyn - Eyes Ahead


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((Observation Lounge, USS Atlantis))

::Ren Rennyn had arrived in time to find a seat, nod hello to those he'd met, and even learn a few names he didn't know yet. Perhaps typical of a newly formed crew, a few seemed stressed by the travel and the sudden change in assignment. But typical of Starfleet crews, there was always someone with a friendly smile to point out the way.

Now, Ren faced something different. Telnoth Haerin, the Grenushi ambassador, was eyeing each of them in turn with a sidelong glance. It wasn't just the condescending tone of his voice or the way he positioned himself away from the rest of them that Ren found off-putting about him. There was something in his eyes that told you you were small, and that was uncomfortable in its unfamiliarity to Ren.

Back home in Arnmere, Ren was known for being the tallest man around. He didn't think of his height as extraordinary, but when it came in useful for others, he was glad to help. He hardly had problems with self-confidence - low self-esteem wasn't really a trait Starfleet officers could afford to hold on to. So he had no reason to be threatened by the Grenushi ambassador, especially considering that Federation citizens, maybe particularly those in Starfleet, had no place for that kind of disdain. Back home in Arnmere, Ren never would have dreamed of looking at someone with that much judgement. He wouldn't even have had those thoughts.

It never made sense to Ren why anyone would waste their time putting others down, trying to build themselves up by lowering the people around them, bending others to their will, fighting to get their own way in trivial matters. As though it would make them seem more substantial.

On planets like Trill, Earth, Betazed, those kind of selfish personality traits didn't have a place these days, and hadn't for a long time. He would have to get used to encountering that attitude out here. They'd learned about this in the Academy, in courses on making contact and creating effective communication with other cultures. Just the fact of being in San Francisco with cadets from all over the galaxy, representing hundreds of different worlds, was a daily lesson in getting along. Sure, everyone had their downfalls along with their strengths. Ren knew he did. It was knowing that and accepting it that made it easy to face someone like the Telnoth with the kindness and courtesy Starfleet officers were expected to show to any person they met.

So, the next time Haerin glanced his way, Ren met the gaze with a friendly face and a modest smile. It seemed in that moment, though the Telnoth's face remained unchanged, that something deep in his eyes disapproved of Ren's very existence. The Trill ensign looked away, deciding to let that be and look only at the captain the rest of the meeting.

Commander Blueheart was a man Ren liked, a captain who had obviously taken those same classes on cross-cultural communication not so long ago. He welcomed Haerin with that Federation kindness Ren was looking for.

Blueheart explained the mission ahead of them and began giving out assignments to the crew.::

BLUEHEART: Mr Rennyn. The Uzoka system consists of two planets orbiting a yellow star, and lies on the border between the Valcarian Empire and the Beruna Province. Plot the shortest possible course to the system while keeping our distance from the Jenatris Cloud. You may utilize the Astrometrics lab if you so wish.

RENNYN: Aye, sir.

::At the same time as he listened to the other assignments, getting a feel for who they all were and also what they'd be working on for this mission, Ren also began to think about his task. He knew a good amount about stellar cartography and astrogation, but he had little experience in the kind of Astrometrics lab the Atlantis had aboard. It was going to be fun learning about it!::

BLUEHEART: Oh, and Mr Kirosa? Congratulations. You’re chief of security.

KIROSA: I- uh.... Thank you, sir

::There was a murmur among the crew at the news, and Rennyn offered a smile.::

RENNYN: Well done.

::He'd noticed Kirosa earlier when most of the crew gathered and came aboard Atlantis, but he hadn't had a chance to speak with her. He'd met a few Orions in the past, but never spent time with any. He was very interested to get to know an Orion.::

::Ren also offered his congratulations to Lieutenant Anora. The briefing seemed to be coming to an end when Blueheart ended the conversation with Haerin. Ren decided to be brave and meet the Telnoth's gaze again, offering that same friendly face. But after a gracious, ambassadorial thank you to all the crew, the Telnoth swept out of the room without glancing at the Trill again.::

::After the captain gave more instruction, Ren moved quickly from the room with most of the other crew. There was much to be done before 0600.::

Ensign Ren Rennyn
Helm Officer

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