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January Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of the newly commissioned USS Darwin NCC99312-A have hit the ground running answering a distress call to the planet Talvath on the outskirts of the Romulan Empire. Prior to their arrival a freighter suffering a catastrophic explosion deposited a large amount of toxic Trilithium Resin into the atmosphere. Responding to the emergent situation Commander Greir Reinard dispatches away teams led by Lt Commander Kael Thomas to get to the surface and provide humanitarian aid to the already suffering Romulan residents.

On the Surface Ensign Taybrim and Lieutenant James worked quickly to restore water supply to the colony while Lt Commander Malcolm and her team did their best to heal the wounded and bring order to the chaos at the local Triage site. Carrying a few injuries the teams headed back to the Darwin.

Arriving on the Darwin they found Commander Reinard’s team aboard the Darwin had worked to remove the Trilithium Resin using the unique qualities of the containment sphere attached to the forward section of their ship. With some clever piloting from Lt Kaitlyn Falcon the team were able to successfully start removing the resin from the atmosphere and keep it contained in the sphere.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to the crew Governor D’Nal’s entourage took down several security officers and attempted to take the Darwin by force. With their plan thwarted and placed in the Brig the Governor must convince the crew that he is innocent of blame in order to get his people the help they need.

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