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Revisiting Exposition: Adding That Magic to a Sim

StarBase 118 Staff

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There are two kinds of sims out there that you’ve probably read; ones that are simple and answer the directives given by others in prior sims, and those that really add ambiance and feeling to a scene. It is these latter sims that we tend to remember, even as we move forward and write more to the scene itself. It is this base that we add on to, and the feelings invoked that we tend to carry over.

But how do you create the magic of such a sim? How do you design a sim that invokes feelings and paints a mental picture for other members of your ship to build onto? It might seem like pure magical ability, that some of us may lack, but the truth is that anyone can really write an amazing sim. Anyone is able to add the magic that will carry through in future sims, if you just remember a few simple things.

In order to learn how to add this special edge to your sims, be sure to revisit last year’s Writing Improvement Month tutorial. With solid examples on how to weave your words in a most intricate manner, in order to build a base that your fellow writers won’t soon forget, you’re sure to walk away with something you didn’t know before.

And while you’re at it, take this chance to put these things to work in your next sim and see what kind of reaction you get from your fellow crewmates. You might be surprised at the amazing injection of creativity a little ‘magic’ really adds to things.


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