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Heading Into 2391!

StarBase 118 Staff

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The State of the Federation Address for 2014 is out folks and could be found here, and your comments on the address can be added here.

That being said, we have undergone a few changes since this time last year, which is normal, for as time passes, things inevitably change. When I first came to this group back in 2000, I recall how the main site looked back then and was enthralled in both it’s simplicity and it’s ease of navigation. I went through training with wonderful and helpful personnel and have had a special place in my heart for this group ever since. I have left on a few occasions due to real life demands, but even in those days, I have always remembered fondly my days of SIMming in this group and have inevitably always found a way to return.

As we are now in the 20th year of our group, which in fact is a testament in and of itself as so many Star Trek  based PBeM groups have come and gone during this time, there have been many changes since those early days when I first joined. The main website has been overhauled, we have daily news feeds from our wonderful volunteers over at the Newsies team, a regular podcast, an automated archive system for our SIMs, a wiki, which didn’t yet exist when I first joined, and so many other additions that would take way too much space to list.

In order to expand and grow with each new year, we rely on our volunteers in each area, for these additions and changes don’t magically occur. So that brings us this week’s Poll of the Week question. As each member of our group offer a different area of expertise as we all come from different backgrounds and regions from the planet known as Earth, are there any areas of expertise you wish to assist with and are not doing so presently? Are there any areas that you think may be improved upon? If so, how so? Do you have any new ideas that can be added to the group to make it an even more enjoyable experience to be a part of  in the upcoming years?

So head on to the polls and as always,  please add your feedback and vote so that I can give the team of scientists and pollsters something to do this week. smile Heading Into 2391!

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