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Captain Tyr Waltas - Confronting The Past


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((Monitor Launching Berth, USS Odyssey))

::He walked with the practiced ease of someone who had been in combat many times. His feet barely made a sound, even in the boots of the Federation uniform he was wearing. He was conscious, barely, of the four pips on his collar-what they represented, and what he was undertaking. He knew, as a Captain, that he should be on the bridge taking care of his ship in a time of crisis such as this. He also knew that Nekkar, as a Captain himself, would expect this. He trusted his Security personnel completely, but Nekkar was a scheming coward, and he refused to let him victimize anyone else. He had crippled the Odyssey, revealed himself as a traitor to his own Captain, and above all, endangered the lives of the people under Tyr’s command. Walking the length of the docking berth, the Ba’ku discarded all doubt, leaving it in his wake. The berth was quiet, in spite of the chaos of a ship that had just suffered an attack. He was armed only with his hand phaser, and if Nekkar was still the same man he once knew, he wouldn’t need that, either.::

::Then, he was there. Hunched over the launching panel, attempting to override the security protocols and launch the damaged Monitor to get away. Beside him was a small duffel bag with a large medkit sticking out of it.::

o O The virus. O o

::Tyr purposefully shuffled his feet, and the Talarian’s movements stopped. His hand slid to his phaser.::

WALTAS: Nekkar. You’re under arrest.

::The Talarian turned, slowly, his hands in view and revealing a clutched phaser in his left one.::

NEKKAR: So you’ve come to stop me, Ba’ku? Where are the rest of your forces?

WALTAS: They’re attempting to clean up the swath of destruction you and Hebron have carved through the Federation. And I don’t need anyone else to stop you.

NEKKAR::Wicked smile:: Is that so? Hebron is an old fool, but he was useful to get what I needed. Once I kill you and escape I’ll take this to my real target and make the statement the Brikar was unwilling to make.

::Tyr stepped forward, training his phaser on the Talarian, which drew an amused chuckle from his former mentor.::

NEKKAR: So it appears with your youth you also left your courage in the past. You’re going to just blast me into oblivion? You’re not going to face me like a man?

::It was the Ba’ku’s turn to chuckle.::

WALTAS: No, Nekkar, I’m not going to shoot you. That would be too easy.

::He brought the phaser to bear, not on Nekkar but on the bag at his feet. Sensing his intentions Nekkar aimed and fired, striking him with a glancing shot in his shoulder. With his right arm numb his aim failed and the blast missed the bag. Clutching his wounded shoulder Tyr dragged himself behind a console, gritting his teeth in pain.::

NEKKAR::Teasingly:: Oh, Tyr I’m disappointed. Years ago you would have hit that shot and still had time to shoot me as well. You ARE getting old, Ba’ku.

WALTAS::Cursing under his breath:: You’re tough with a phaser in your hand Nekkar. If age has taken away my aim it’s taken away your skill as well?

NEKKAR: Stand up and find out, Ba’ku!

WALTAS: Drop the phaser and I will.

::There was a long pause, then the sound of a phaser skidding across the deck was clearly heard. Tyr cautiously stood, seeing Nekkar disarmed, and he tossed the phaser aside as well.::

WALTAS::Closing on his former mentor:: You just made a fatal mistake.

::He saw Nekkar snap into a fighting stance. The Ba’ku just kept walking forward. Now in the light at close range, Tyr could see that age had gotten the better of his former CO. Fortunately, ego had also gotten the better of him.::

NEKKAR::Moving quickly to a frontal kick:: DIE Ba’ku!

::The Talarian’s foot was caught in mid air. Tyr twisted the ankle, hearing a distinct snap and a cry of pain from Nekkar. He swept the remaining leg out from under him, sending him crashing to the deck. With a feral snarl that called upon his Talarian strength through the pain, Nekkar launched himself from the deck directly into Tyr’s midsection, sending him crashing to the deck as well and slammed the Ba’ku’s head into the deckplates. Tyr vision filled with haze as the Talarian moved to repeat the attack, but his training took over. Catching the Talarian’s hands in a triangle chokehold. Squeezing as hard as he could he could hear the air escaping Nekkar’s lungs and the strength leaving him. All the rage, the hate and the frustration poured into the hold, the monster inside him growing, craving to hear the Talarian breathe his last. He squeezed harder, driving his knee into Nekkar’s throat, staring into his quickly-fading eyes with all the rage that came from a father defending his child and a Captain defending his crew. He hated this man. He wanted him to die. For all that he had betrayed. For all that he had done. For all the death that he had dealt. And ultimately, for the betrayal of the Ba’ku himself. Nekkar had been a personal hero of his, and watching him turn into the monster that he was now strangling to death was enough to make him listen for the last gasp.::

::Feebly, Nekkar reached up and touched the Ba’ku’s cheek, almost in a fatherly, affectionate way. Looking into his eyes again the Ba’ku didn’t see the monster-he saw the reflection of one.::

::He released the hold, dropping Nekkar gasping to the deck. Rising to his feet, clutching his ribcage, the Ba’ku walked unsteadily over to one of the dropped phasers. Picking it up, he aimed at the bag once again and fired, disintegrating the bag and the virus within.::

NEKKAR::Hoarsely:: NO!

::The Ba’ku turned just in time to see that Nekkar had not only recovered, but picked up a stray piece of duranium piping that had broken loose from the hull. The pipe slammed into the Ba’ku’s ribs, and the Captain could not resist crying out in pain. He dropped to his knees and looked up just in time to see the pipe slam into the side of his head, sending him to the deck. The loud clang of a metal pipe dropping to the deck was all he could hear other than the ringing in his ears.::

NEKKAR: You [...]. You self-righteous [...]. You honestly think this is about you and me? You still don’t realize who is really at work here, ::slamming a foot into his ribcage:: DO YOU?!

::All he could do was crawl, attempt to regain his breath, which came in ragged gasps. Blood flowed from his mouth, mingled with the air his body fought to bring in. He knew he was hurt badly, and all he could do was crawl. Another kick sent him rolling onto his back, his vision clearing from the burst of pain that ripped through him. Nekkar had walked away to pick up the phaser. He knew he had to rise…one more time…for those whom he swore to protect. For his crew and his family.::

::The Ba’ku got to his feet.::

::The computer signaled Nekkar’s efforts had been successful, and the bay doors leading to the Monitor opened. He bent down to pick up the phaser to finish his protégé off, only to have it kicked away from him.::

::Saying nothing, the Ba’ku launched a furious serious of attacks, drawn from the pain and betrayal he felt. Palm strikes hit the damaged throat. Kicks slammed into the ribs. Punches slammed into the jaw. A back kick sent him sprawling over the console, giving the Ba’ku time to pick up the piece of pipe that had so damaged him. He raised the pipe, ready to finish things. Once and for all, he would finish them. Death loomed over the two, teacher and student, Captain and Captain, betrayer and betrayed. His grip tightened as he aimed to bring the pipe crashing down on the Talarian’s skull.::

NEKKAR::Weakly:: Do it. End it.

::He raised the pipe, summoning the last of his strength. As he looked down on the broken body of his mentor, his former friend, the words of his crewmates came to his mind. About fighting the darkness without becoming it. About seeking peace instead of war. About how vengeance darkens every soul.::

::The pipe dropped to the ground.::

NEKKAR: Frakking coward. You never were able to make the big..ULP!

::The Ba’ku’s hand was around his throat.::

WALTAS: I’m a Starfleet officer. A father, a Captain and a man. And you’re under arrest you son of a [...].

::A final punch landed squarely on Nekkar’s jaw, sending his eyes rolling into the back of his head and the body slumping to the ground. The Ba’ku soon followed, dropping to his knees. He coughed, splaying blood across the front of his uniform. He weakly reached up and tapped his comm badge.::

WALTAS::Wheezing:: =/\= Waltas….t…sickbay..cas..casual….ties.. =/\=

::Everything went black.::

Captain Tyr Waltas

Commanding Officer

USS Odyssey

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