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"ST: Captain Word" TV series?!?!

A'ern Zerxes

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I heard about Captain Worf, but who's Captain Word? :P Nah, I'm just kidding.

Every time I read something about the ST: Captain Worf possibility, it was always shut down for some reason or another. JJ Abrams turned around and said that there was no talks at all about another Star Trek TV show because CBS supposedly wasn't interested (http://screenrant.com/jj-abrams-interview-almost-human-star-trek-cbs/2/ ).

However, (and it's obvious that I kind of love screenrant), this article gave me a bit of hope: http://screenrant.com/star-trek-captain-worf-tv-show-michael-dorn/

It should be noted that both these articles are about one or two months before the one you posted (I think), though, so stuff might have changed. ::shurg::

If ST: Captain Worf does happen, (and I'm going to be picky here), I hope that they;

a. Rename it. Every Star Trek show wasn't normally (I'm looking at you, TOS) focused on specific characters, so as much as I like Worf, and as much as I recognise that at this stage, he may be the only familiar face we'll see on the show, they should stick to the "show named after the ship" convention that TOS,TAS & TNG understandably ignored. This is why we didn't have Star Trek: Captain Janeway or Star Trek: Captain Archer. Plus, it kind of messes with the three lettered abreviations - TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT . . . CW? . . . CaW? . . . CWo- okay, enough now. Oh Oh! May it would be STW (Star Trek Worf?)?

b. GET A FEMALE SECURITY OFFICER. After Tasha Yar was killed off/left TNG, it always bugged me that there was rarely any major females taking charge in Security and Tactical. The only person that ever came close to this was Major Kira on DS9, but she wasn't actually a member of Starfleet. So come on, guys, share the CoS/CTO position for a change!

c. Meet up with someone familiar. Captain Riker and (I'm not sure of her rank at the moment..) Troi at least. If they want to throw Picard or Sisko in there, go for it, because I believe that in order to kick this off the ground properly, they have to establish what timeline it's in, separate it from the reboots, just . . . anything to kick it away from JJ Abrams (and I seriously hope they don't plan on sticking it in the Abrams universe). What would be equally satisfying is that they launch from Deep Space 9, that way we get to see Quark again, and Quark gets to set foot on five different Star Trek shows/movies (Next Gen, DS9, Voyager & deleted/cut scenes of Star Trek Insurrection). Heck! Maybe Worf could meet up with Dax.

So there. Those are . . . basically my demands . . . B) Agree, disagree, do whatever. There they are. :shaun:

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I desperately want a new Star Trek show but worry that it might be too influenced by the current movie franchise. My biggest concern would be that we end up with some kind of super-glossy Star Trek: Agents of SHIELD type thing always acting as a sort of watered down version of the films.

I agree with all of Sky's points too :)

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Good points, Sky. Just because CBS doesn't want it I don't see that as a major deterrent. A new Trek show provides an instant fanbase that has revitalized market potential from the movies. NBC is desperate right now and ABC has been trying to land a sci-fi hit for a while since "LOST" went off the air. They might jump on it. Obviously SyFy would jump all over it if they can provide the budget to make it work ("Defiance" tell me they can). I could even see BBCA doing it based on the success of their TNG reruns.

I doubt they'd really name it "Captain Worf" once it got greenlit. That's probably just an in-production title.

I think a female CoS makes perfect sense as a contrast to Word as captain. I have a feeling that's exactly the way they'd go, too.

It'd be very interesting to see the kind of ship, and with that the kind of missions, that Worf's crew would have. Obviously we think of Worf as a warrior and a combat-heavy show would make sense, especially if he was still in charge of a Defiant-class as we saw in "First Contact." To make that work, though, you'd have to introduce a pretty major conflict into the Trek universe.

One idea would be to really dive into a new Federation-Klingon alliance with Chancellor Martok. Perhaps the Klingons allow the Federation to establish some colonies and exploration stations deep in the Beta Quadrant on the outskirts of their space. Worf would be a perfect person to send out there for Klingon relations.

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I get the impression from what Dorn is saying that this is something he's working on, which he then hopes to sell to CBS and Paramount -- as opposed to a show that's being developed by Paramount?

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That's how I read it as well. It'll be interesting to see whether he makes much progress with it.

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I don't know if the iron will ever be hotter than it is right now. The sci-fi genre is trendy again with all of the Marvel/DC comics stuff going on and the Trek brand is back in play with the movies. This would seem like the ideal time for something to happen, but obviously it will have a lot to do with the quality of what Dorn brings to the table.

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