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December Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

StarBase 118 Staff

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During their shore leave aboard Starbase 118, the crew of USS Excalibur-A planned an elaborate dinner party to celebrate their most recent success. The event, hosted in a holodeck, was set in an enchanted forest with all the expected the ambient details. The evening began with an award ceremony that saw a number of promotions and service ribbons distributed. Following the formal proceedings, the crew enjoyed a homemade dinner prepared by the junior officers.

Though the stew was a hit, dinner was soon interrupted by a swarm of mischievous faeries unintentionally included in the holodeck program. The crew quickly retook control of the situation, but not before food was stolen and dresses damaged. Nevertheless determined to enjoy the evening, the party continued with dancing and conversation.

The following day involved further enjoyment of shore leave as well as preparations to leave the starbase. With the new crew now through medical exams and checked in, the final preparations are all that remain before Excalibur will set out on a mission of exploration.

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