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FltCpt Andrus Jaxx and PNPC Shelther Faranster - Common Interests


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(( Corridors, USS Apollo ))

:: Shel left with Sun after dinner and the tour, he didn't want her to realize he was planning on going back to have a talk with Jaxx by himself. Some things are just better left unsaid, and if she knew he wanted to have a private word, what was to stop her from chaperoning to prevent anything he had to say, from being said. He followed her down the corridor a moment, before she went for the turbolift, excusing himself for a brisk walk. After he was sure she was out of sight, he doubled back and headed back towards the quarters they dropped Jaxx off at. He buzzed the door. ::

::Sitting at his desk, the reports on the screen were plentiful. Keeping up with the ships in his sector was a fairly tough job. He was able to handle it fine most days, and today was one of them. The longer he sat there, the faster he blazed through the status reports of each ship in his sector. Glancing toward the door, there was a second and the chime sounded. Since it was not Sun, as she would have walked in, he was curious who it was.::

Jaxx: Who is it?

Shelther: Shelther...

Jaxx: Enter.

(( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Apollo ))

:: The doors opened before he could say more, and he stepped inside. He was glad that her Captain was willing to be hospitable, but he supposed that was because Shel hadn't said or done anything offensive, not that he really had a chance in the short time he had been there. ::

::As the man entered his quarters, Jaxx stood. It was the civil thing to do, and he figured that Shel had a reason to be there without his sister. Jaxx knew he could have expected to have a chat with the man when they had time. Now seemed to be that time. Moving over toward the sofa he watched as Shel spoke.::

Shelther: I was hoping to have a moment of your time, without Sun present... as I am sure she will become the subject of conversation.

Jaxx: Of course, please...come in. ::pointing to the sofa::

Shelther: First, I suppose I should inquire about how long I would be considered welcome.

:: If it was left up to Sun, he would be welcome until he embarrassed her, which could be any time he talked about their growing up, but he wanted her Captain's opinion. He could make arrangements to stay for a longer duration than originally anticipated, depending on whether he was welcome, and possibly needed. ::

::Taking a seat on the sofa, he considered what Shel was asking. There was no hurry for him to go anywhere, and he was not from an adversarial military so he really had no issues with the man being aboard the ship. Of course there were places he would not have clearance to be, but that would be anyone outside of Starfleet.::

Jaxx: As long as you can...I know she likes being able to see you.

Shelther: I am not sure if you noticed, but my sister... She can be a handful. She's a bit willful and adventurous, and sometimes doesn't consider what she's doing until after she is in the middle of it.

::Jaxx simply nodded. It was nothing he did not already know about the woman. It did not make him love her any less, even though he had not spoken the words yet. She was who she was and that is who Jaxx fell for. Though he would choose his words carefully so he did not tip his hand too much.::

:: Shel looked at the man curiously, apparently his words didn't quite shock the man. ::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: I have noticed.

Shelther: I have been sort of charged with protecting her since she was really young, I made the mistake of trying to teach her how to swim by throwing her in the lake near our house when she was only 3. Since then, she hasn't stopped finding adventures to have.

Jaxx: Well, you will be happy to know that her service in Starfleet has not stopped her from seeking them. She loves being able to experience new things, and has been able to do some of that while serving.

:: Shel laughed and took a seat in one of the chairs, he didn't expect anything to change, although he had been worried after she left Antosia that she wasn't quite herself. But Jaxx's words reassured him that his sister found her way back to having fun. ::

Shelther: She finds ways to do what she wants...

Jaxx: But I am sure there is more on your mind, than just your sister’s personality quirks?

::There was always something behind small talk, and the initiation of a conversation. Every brother had the right to worry about their sister. It did not matter if they were older brothers, or younger ones...no matter what, they looked out for the women in the family. It was something that Jaxx had seen many times before, and even though he had no sisters, he imagined he would do the same.::

:: Thinking about the question, trying to organize his thoughts, he wanted to make sure that Jaxx felt the same way about Sun that she felt about the Captain. He knew how she felt, once she asked for her stuff, he knew. At the same time, he also knew that if Jaxx loved Sun, that he would have to relay the information about her wanting to get shot to get rid of the guilt that she seemed to feel for the situation that happened on Izar. Either way, he wanted to present his plan to stay longer than a few days in a way to benefit everyone. ::

Shelther: Besides her quirks? Yes...

Jaxx: So, what is on your mind? I am an open book.

:: The invitation seemed like it was there to suggest asking any question. There were different approaches that could be used in asking what someone's intentions were with his sister. He could go blunt and make sure the guy wasn't playing games with her heart. He could go subtle and explain why her feelings were important. It was a difficult choice for him. He wanted to spare Sun any possible heartbreak, without making either of them upset with him, especially if all was well. ::

Shelther: My sister knows me well enough to know that this isn't just a social visit, she might have even relayed as much to you.

Jaxx: ::smirking:: Perhaps it came up.

Shelther: :: He nodded, his sister would worry about that. :: Well that's good that it was expected. Her being out this far, I worry about her. Especially when it comes to her heart, she's adventurous and can be fearless when others aren't involved, but she's only given her heart away once. So when it was broke, since she wanted to be in space, I suggested her not join the Antosian Military, but join Starfleet, so she would be further away from the memories.

:: Shel thought about Sun's graduation from Medical School, he wasn't supposed to be there, but he had news he had to deliver, and knew it would be easier for her to receive it from him. There were moments when dealing with her heartbreak seemed so long ago, and then moments when it seemed like yesterday, and he just wanted to prevent it from happening again. ::

::Pulling from his education, Jaxx thought it was an odd approach to encourage one to run from dealing with their emotions. Most times it did more harm than good. Of course he could not rely on everyone to give the best advice. Even Jaxx had made bad choices. He joined Starfleet after he lost Saraa. Though him joining was to honor her memory by following through with her plans. He never wanted to join Starfleet, that was her goal. Never did he look at it as if he was running from her memory. Either way, Jaxx chose his words carefully, not wanting to offend Shel.::

Jaxx: ::nodding:: That is one approach...

Shelther: My sister says you two are exclusive now. I know how important you are to her, I am sure you know that too, by now.

::Jaxx felt Sun had not really prepared Shel for this sort of talk. Of course, Jaxx never came right out and told anyone he could read thoughts and emotions. Out of respect he avoided the thoughts unless they were also Betazoid. The empathic abilities were always there, something that could not be turned off. Of course Jaxx knew how she felt. Most times, he knew better than she did. It came with the territory of being the species he was.::

Jaxx: I do.

Shelther: Where do you see things going with my sister? You do love her right?

:: He was hoping the man in front of him wouldn't be interested in playing games with the heart his sister, but he didn't know the man yet, so he couldn't make any assumptions. ::

::Glancing down, Jaxx tried to find the right words to explain it to Shel. It was where he lacked the most. In the heat of a tense moment the words came. In a calm setting he had to think about them more than usual. He did not want to say the wrong thing, so he carefully plotted out his course.::

:: It was not an easy question for him to ask his sister's boyfriend, so Shel couldn't imagine it being an easy question to answer either. He had watched the man carefully and when he spoke, Shel made sure he was focused on the words spoken. ::

Jaxx: I love her very much. When I look into the future, all I see is her.

Shelther: And that isn't altered by your position, or the fact that you are from different worlds?

Jaxx: We have challenges ahead of us, and I am prepared to face them. There is the stress of our positions as well as having to deal with our parents. Either way, nothing can scare me away.

:: Shel nodded, seemed like their mom had come up in conversation, which was good. He knew it wasn't that their mom would hate Jaxx, she was just hung up on wanting Sun to have what she had. Shel wanted Sun to have a love like their parent's as well, but unlike his mom, he was willing to concede that was not Marseen. ::

::Jaxx was never one to back down from a challenge, and there would not be a challenge greater than the one he would face with her. It was also one he could not wait to face. She was amazing and she was the star in his solar system. Each day with her was brighter than the one before. They had a perfect balance of love and lust, even if he had not told her about the former. He would be sure to let Shel know that he had not told her that.::

Shelther: Good. Cause I'd hate to have to deal with her heart broken again.

Jaxx: How about you? Where do you stand on her not returning home?

::It was something he was curious about. Jaxx never talked to his brother about him not being home. At the same time, his father spent a bit of time on Earth and even his mother went and visited often. Bjenta was the only one that gave Andrus a hard time about not returning home, but he never paid attention to the comments. He was curious where Shel stood on her position and duties in Starfleet now that she was there. Afterall, it was his idea.::

Shelther: Well, I am going to hear it from our mother. But, Sun's a big girl, and if she is doing well out here, I can't fault her for wanting to stay. She'll just need to visit to make the parents happy, and I am sure our younger brother wouldn't mind seeing her either.

Jaxx: Well, I will urge her to visit when she can.

::Jaxx knew how important it was to return home, at least for most people. If she was running from anything, it would be harder than if she was not. Jaxx just wanted to avoid his mother and the lifestyle in which he was raised. It was not as if he used his career to run away, as he really did do great things in the galaxy.::

:: Shel wasn't going to make the same mistake he made with Marseen, and assume things before there was evidence to prove it. He needed to see his sister interact more with Jaxx. But right now they appeared happy, and that was enough for now. He thought about the conversation they had before dinner. He changed the subject, knowing that the man would want to know if he truly loved Sun. ::

Shelther: I think you should know that Sun is planning another adventure.

Jaxx: ::pausing, he looked at the man:: She is?

Shelther: Apparently this one has been in the works since you guys left Izar, but she hasn't found anyone to help her carry it out.

:: He knew his sister hadn't told Jaxx, but Shel wasn't beyond telling her secrets, especially the ones that needed to be told. If Shel was going to follow through with his offer to help, he was going to cover his bases. And, if Jaxx loved Sun, Shel couldn't see it coming out too favorable for him if he didn't give a heads up. ::

::Rolling his eyes, Jaxx could only imagine what it was. The fact that she had been trying to cook this up since Izar was a testament to the fact that it must be a bit out there to not have anyone helping her. Letting out a slight sigh, he wondered what she had in store for herself.::

Jaxx: This cannot be good...

Shelther: She expressed how upset she was that you got shot, and her curiosity of what you went through. You should really be careful in what you tell her. Making it sound like it wasn't a big deal, now she's convinced either you lied to make her feel better, or that it really wasn't a big deal. Either way, she's determined to find out.

:: If Shel was honest, he wasn't entirely sure if Sun would still be as set on her course, if Jaxx told her the truth. But she probably would have done more to make it up to the man, instead of planning this ridiculous experiment of hers. ::

Jaxx: oO Just great! Oo You know, what is it with women? You try to protect them, either from physical harm or from their own emotions….and they do not let you.

Shelther: She's pretty strong, why did you need to protect her?

Jaxx: She was already having a bad day, the last thing I was going to tell her was that it hurts like hell, there is stiffness where you were hit, and for hours you have a headache that will not go away.

::Getting shot was not fun, but for Jaxx it was not a big deal. He had to endure much worse when the Dominion invaded Betazed during the war, and even more when the Challenger crew was attacked on Earth, or even the terrorists at the University of Shinraka. Getting stunned by one of his officers was a walk in the park when compared to those situations.::

Shelther: I could see that, but now she's got a plan she wants to execute, she seems to have it thought out.

Jaxx: I guess talking her out of it is out of the question?

:: Shel smiled, that would be the initial thought of anyone, talk the person out of it. But that didn't quite work as well with an Antosian. Their people performed medical experiments to find out how illness affected them, and weren't opposed to trying anything once. Sun hadn't ever been shot, and so when the question of how it felt came up, of course she wouldn't back off the idea, it was more a matter of when it would happen, than if it would. ::

Shelther: Nope, you're talking about someone who had medical experiments performed on her during med school, just to see what the results would be.

Jaxx: Well, if she is hell bent on going through with it, we will just have to make sure that she is protected as best we can. Got any ideas?

::Jaxx wanted to safeguard her and he knew that Shel wanted her protected as well. Perhaps he would be in a position to limit her exposure. One thing was certain, working with him to help protect Sun would be a bonding experience for the two of them. He had no plans of letting Sun go, so it was time he got at least one ally on his team from her family. Shel was going to be that ally.::

Shelther: Actually, her plan has her safeguarded, she wants to do it with medical back-up, I imagine she would want to be seated so she doesn't fall and hurt herself. And, with her plan, she will see it coming. I have other ideas.

Jaxx: I am all ears...

Shelther: But her argument for wanting this, was to see what you went through. And, did you see it coming?

:: He thought about his sister's plans, it was one thing to feel the pain of the phaser wound, but it was another to not see it coming. There was more to getting shot, and with his plans they could still have all the other precautions ready for her, but it should be a surprise to her. ::

::Jaxx thought about the moment the detonator landed in his hand. In that moment, he felt as if the mission succeeded. The threat seemed to be neutralized and simultaneously his people stormed the room. There was a moment just before the shot where Jaxx realized it was going to happen. Something was read in the emotions Marcus displayed. Of course, he was not going to explain that to Shel.::

Jaxx: It was quite unexpected.

Shelther: She isn't a very good shot with a phaser, she shoots alright, but could be better, and moving targets are a big problem for her. Since I found out she was First Officer, I want to run her through some target practice.

Jaxx: It is standard and she would need to be signed off on them anyway, help from you could only push her in the right direction.

:: Shel wondered if the man was even interested in having a hand in teaching his sister a lesson, but given the fact that he was disappointed he couldn't protect her from herself, he figured that Jaxx would jump on the opportunity. Whether the man wanted to be there when the whole thing went down, or have Sun carried up to her quarters afterwards and meet there, Shel didn't know. ::

Shelther: I figure, phasers will be blasting, and I could easily catch her by surprise there. She won't see it coming. :: He thought his idea out about as well as Sun had her idea planned out. :: Now that you know, you have an opportunity to have a hand in the whole thing, whatever you think will impact her the most.

Jaxx: You know, I think I will just watch it all unfold.

::The medical team would be on stand by, and Shel would take the shot. There was nothing really left to do besides catch her off guard. That was where Jaxx could come in. If he guessed right, she was not going to tell him about her experiment. It was fine, but now he wanted to watch it happen when she least expected it.::

Shelther: I could always carry her up to her quarters afterwards, if you don't think she was going to tell you.

Jaxx: I have a pretty good idea that she was not going to tell me about this little plan of hers, so I want to be there.

Shelther: You sure?

:: Shel was starting to wonder who was more tricky to deal with, his sister, or her boyfriend. His idea was to possibly bring Sun back to her Captain, and deal with whatever came there. But, the man standing there, watching the one he said he loved, getting shot. Even though Shel hoped the man would let him go through with his plans, he didn't expect that. ::

Jaxx: She will not expect it if I am standing right there, and you will be able to really catch her off guard.

::Jaxx had to look over her file to see what she exactly needed. Usually a senior officer and the security chief would handle the weapon certifications, but Shel would do as a witness. Sun felt the need to know what it was like to get stunned, so he would not stand in the way of her dreams.::

Shelther: That would definitely throw her off. But how would that work?

Jaxx: We can put it together that I am there to certify her on the the phaser rifle as well as any hand phasers she is lacking on.

::Not every officer was schooled in advanced weapons. Many of them did not get certified on the rifles until they were well into their career, unless they were in the security or tactical department. Tech had come a long way, so they were not as standard as they used to be. While the operation settings were similar, the overall makeup of the rifle was quite different.::

:: Now that the plan was changing, Shel was warming to the new idea. It would have her trying new weapons, but he was still concerned on how to introduce the idea to his sister without her being suspicious. ::

Shelther: Do you have to go through certain channels to do target practice?

Jaxx: Just prior notice to the Security Chief. Once it is scheduled, the bridge can check to see if there are any target practice exercises. Live fire exercises are rare, but not unheard of.

::Most training was done in the holodeck. There, it was easy to simulate any weapons system or how to use them. It even provided a setting that would simulate combat and pressure under fire. But from time to time, the use of actual weapons was needed. As long as the order came from Sun or Jaxx, T’Mar would not have an issue with it.::

Shelther: Should Sun know that?

Jaxx: If she has been reading up on starship protocol, she does. I cannot say for sure, as there is a ton of information she has to catch up on.

:: Shel nodded, if Sun wasn't too busy with her days, she was probably spending a lot of time reading. How much of the information she absorbed while reading was usually amazing. He remembered her reading over his shoulder some of the biology reading he had to do while he was studying, and she frequently had questions that rivaled the tests that his professors gave him. She was very curious about things. ::

Shelther: And she's probably been busy on top of all that.

Jaxx: As you can imagine, it is quite a leap from Sickbay to Executive Officer. There is a learning curve, and while I have no doubt she can handle it, I am not sure what she knows and does not know yet.

::The countless codes and regulations that one needed to learn was daunting. There were still times that Jaxx had to research the regulations on certain instances. It was near impossible to know them all. Since Sun took over as XO, she had not had much time to brush up on learning all of the intricacies of the position, though Jaxx had no way of knowing what she did and did not know.::

Shelther: Well, she does like to read, and absorbs quite a bit of it. She might already know, but it's possible we'll catch her off guard.

Jaxx: ::narrowing his eyebrows:: How soon do we want to do this?

::Jaxx was curious what the time frame was. Part of him felt devious for planning such an event with her own brother, yet at the same time it was almost like a bonding experience. One thing was for sure, if Shel was willing to go through all of this to really teach his sister a lesson...he and Jaxx were going to get along just fine.::

:: Since Shel said he would assist Sun with her plan, he didn't want her getting too far through the scheduling portion of her plan. And he didn't want to spend too much time planning his idea out or she might get suspicious. It would be best to blind side her. ::

Shelther: Well, if we want to catch her before she has another biter, or before she decides to set a date for her plan... we'll want to do it within the next couple days, the sooner, the better.

Jaxx: We could do it sooner.

Shelther: I was wondering if tomorrow would be too soon? Since there are parts that need scheduling, I hope it can be pulled off.

Jaxx: Pft, I am the captain...I can do anything on a short notice. We will do it first thing in the morning, then I can give her the rest of the day off.

Shelther: Well, now that we have that arranged, thank you for seeing me.

:: Shelther stood up, there was more he wanted to talk about, but he knew the man was busy. He was glad that enough time for a small conversation was spared. ::

Jaxx: ::standing:: No problem. We will have to have time to chat again before you head back to your ship. Thank you for stopping by.

::Moving toward the door, Jaxx watched as Shel left. He stood there for a moment, wondering how the man became so devious to pull off something like this. He had almost forgotten how he used to prank his little brother, and as the thoughts came back to him, he smirked. It had been quite some time since he had pulled off a prank that was worthy of mentioning. Perhaps it was his duty that kept him from doing it, or maybe just his position. Then the question popped up in his mind...would anyone suspect the captain? It was a theory he decided to test out.::


Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669


PNPC LtCmdr Shelther Faranster
As simmed by:

Lieutenant Commander Sundassa "Bright Hair" Faranster
First Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669

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