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LCMD Reed: Intractable Pain


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((Deck 500, Medical Bay))
::Sakorra pushed with her mind. She tried to break through the hard encasement. But her mind wasn’t working like that anymore. She held no power. She felt concern. She felt an approaching sense of love, but she couldn’t open her eyes to see the one she knew was nearby. She’d been able to open her eyes for a short time before, but she’d still been operating with the psionic abilities that were now lost to her. And now that loss kept her trapped in her own mind.::
Sinda: Reed? Can you hear me?

::Sinda! I thought Cinder killed her.::

Rogers: Cmdr Reed is injured ?

::She was just so tired, like her bones were marinating in fatigue. Why did they always have to fight so much? Why couldn’t there be less violence, more good will? What she would give for a peaceful mission! ::

Solok: Commander Reed's injuries appear to be healing. She has been ... impaled. Significant blood loss, although Nurse Brolin was able to cease the bloodflow near the scene of the injury. She will live. Her unconsciousness has yet to be explained, however.

::Love. Help me!::

::She knew before even trying that he wouldn’t hear. Her mind had no more power within it to converse telepathically. She could hear the continuing conversation, but Sumo wrestlers appeared to be having a contest on her eyelids of who could sit the longest. And they kept getting heavier, the pressure intensifying until her skull felt like it might fracture from the weight. They started sitting on her stomach, too, covering her entire torso actually, and she found it harder to breathe. She just couldn’t get enough air. Electrical impulses zigged through her muscles, her nerves, burning them raw. The flames spread, engulfing her neck, her back. She felt like she’d been prepped for surgery and the doctor kept using the scalpel to peel away pieces of her muscle. Then he stabbed a Bat’leth into the back of her neck, lodging it all the way down to the bone, but it wasn’t enough for him. He kept digging. She assumed it was a man, because a female doctor would have been gentler. Why then, after all that, did he start slicing at her thighs and hips? And why then add the pins soaked in fire to her fingers and palms, her side, and her arms? She felt each intensely but it was on her so suddenly that she lay still and silent one moment and the next began near convulsing on the bed and screaming, screaming so loud a banshee would have covered her ear. She tried to form words, but she couldn’t get them to work at first. And finally, she was able to form two words.::

Reed: Kill me!

::Please kill me. Please, please, please. Just let me die. God, just let me die. Her eyes shot open, searching, pleading, seeing nothing and everything. People rushing to her bed. As her head shot around wildly, she saw Sinda nearby, laid up next to her. She saw the captain and a very large cat and a purple child. And she saw Solok. Each face became fragments blending together so that Captain Rogers had Solok’s ears and eyebrows and boring haircut and Solok had purple fur. Sinda became blonde and bald and the cat had a spoon on its head. She was too tired to fight the pain. Too tired to continue moving, expending energy her body could no longer produce. Her body shorted out, unable to comply with her brain’s commands. And she gave up, sinking down into the pain, letting it cover her, and she became still, still as death, and the only indication she still lived was the machines, the tiny, frantic breaths, and the tears that soaked her skin with no effort.::


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