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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker - " Rest for the Weary"


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(( Secluded beach, Risa ))

:: Kamela had picked a beach house, with its back to the mountains and its front door to the ocean, providing them both with a measure of protection and seclusion. The house was small, with only a small den, kitchen, and bedroom..not that they needed much room. Just off the shores of the crystal blue water, out about one hundred yards, a small island jutted out from the surf, dotted with trees. Lying in bed with the asleep Hannibal, she tried in vain to find the scars made when T'Anas' bullets slammed into him...his dark skin and his healing abilities made the task impossible. She knew moving too much would awaken him, and she wanted to watch him sleep...something she had not really done since they had been together. Lying on his massive chest and listening to him breathe, and feeling his heart slowly beating in his chest, she was content...more than content...she was happy...and in love...::

:: Hannibal slept the sleep of babies...or children. Beings who had never known the sting of battle, the smell of death, the ballet of chaos, mayhem and destruction which had been part and parcel for most of his adult life. For the first time in years, he truly slept easily, but he still slept light as a feather as Kamela stirred on his chest. He lay with his eyes closed, feeling her weight on his chest, imagining her rise and fall with each breath. He opened his eyes, looking into hers...::

Parker:: smiling:: Morning.....

Allison:: also smiling:: More like almost afternoon..

:: Hannibal did a quick calculation in his head..they got the the beach house yesterday, the day after the night in the casino and hanging out in the club till the wee hours of the morning...Hannibal had slept for almost twelve hours straight...a feat almost unheard of for him. Rolling over so that Kamela was now lying beside him, he spoke::

Parker: And...just how long did you sleep?

:: Kamela couldn't lie to him. She had slept almost from the time they both hit the pillow until just a few minutes before he woke up. She felt refreshed, alive...rested....and she didn't want to leave the paradise they had found together. She knew, however, that Hannibal would never call such an idyllic place home, and she had to grudgingly accept that neither one of them could sit on the sidelines long. In short, this honeymoon was just what they needed to recharge their batteries. Playfully, she pulled the covers off of Hannibal, wrapping herself up in them, playing a game of keep away as he finally held her snug next to him...but she still had the covers...::

Allison: Remind me to thank Captain Turner for ordering you to take your wife on her honeymoon....

:: She knew Hannibal would never take much time off, especially with everything they had going on since the Klingon Invasion, and Hannibal nodded in agreement::

Parker: She was right on this one..but I worry about her....

Allison: We all do, Hannibal. We all do...

Parker: Do you think she would get mad if we....

Allison: Don't say it......

:: Hannibal knew better than to keep going down that road. In truth, he knew if he returned back to Duronis before their leave time was up, he would have three women giving him hell for quite awhile...:::

Parker: I won't....

Allison: Good...what do you want to do today?

:: The roar of the ocean just a few yards away had an intoxicating effect. Risa was a planet of many delights, both complex and simple...right now, the simple roar of the ocean and his woman next to him was all he needed. Looking at her, and listening to the ocean outside, he had a ready answer...::

Parker: Not a [...] thing....

Allison: That's the best thing I've heard all morning..

Parker: We better enjoy it while we can...I think we are going to have more than enough to do when we get back....

:: Kamela knew he was right...when they returned to their world, they needed to be at their best...they both knew something bad was coming, and they needed to be ready for it, no matter what it was...:::

Allison: True....for now, we enjoy....

Parker: Indeed we will...

PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison (Parker)
Operative-Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy

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