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LtCmdr Eyas Wulfantine & Lt Alexander Richards - Kindred Spirits


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((Lt Richards’ Quarters; Starbase118 Ops))

:: The more Alexander dwelled on things the more he realized he had been
very slow to make friends on the Starbase. Sure he had colleagues who he
could consider acquaintances but no one he could really call friend.
Disappointing as this was to him, he had no one to blame but himself for
this turn of events and resolved to rectify the situation over the
coming months. After all a strongly bound crew made for a strong team.
And a strong team made over coming the stresses of Starfleet life that
much easier. ::

:: The young man’s mind changed to thoughts of friends he had had the
pleasure of making the acquaintance of during his time in the fleet.
First and foremost in his mind was Eyas Wulfantine, the loveable, tall,
Pythron male whom he had once broken the nose of. The last he had seen
of the affectionate lug was following the classified mission to Pythro
by the crew of the Mercury. Had Alexander been so wrapped in his own
world that he hadn’t spoken to the big guy in nearly a year now? ::

Richards: oO Impossible! Oo

:: He thought to himself, trying to set his mind at ease over not having
spoken to the man who had risked his life for him once, and taken the
proverbial bullet when a ‘simple’ rescue mission became all fouled up
after Alexander fired upon a group of klingons without orders to do so.

Richards: oO No more excuses Alexander. it’s about time you caught up
with Eyas. The man has been through far more than you could ever
imagine. Oo

:: With his wife currently working her shift in the expansive science
department on the Starbase and John at preschool Alex reasoned he had
plenty of time to make the call from the family apartment. Rolling
himself away from his desk and into the living room, he moved towards
the domicile’s communication device and made the request to operations
to be put through to Pythro. ::

((Wulfantine Family Home; Pythro V))

::Eyas lay motionless on his bed. The tubes and wires that punctured his
skin, and fed into his open mouth made it all but impossible to move
even if he was able. The pain was not as bad now as it had been when
he’d first arrived home. The massive wound in his flank caused by the
disruptor being fired at almost point blank range had more or less
healed, thanks almost entirely due to the Borg nanites that filled his
bloodstream, but such resurrection came at a cost. A [...]tail of drugs
was needed to sustain his vital organs. Thankfully, since the counter
coup on Pythro V, that Eyas and the crew of the Mercury had been a part
of the year before, he was able to receive the best medical attention
his homeworld could offer. Had he’d been injured during the previous
administration, All Eyas could have expected was a bullet through the

::In the corner of the room, Eyas’ mother sat patiently, reading a book.
She had barely left his side since his broken body was flown back to
Pythro. She looked over at him and smiled. Eyas could do little except
wince back.::

Solara Wulfantine: Do you want anything dear?

::Eyas swallowed, painfully, to clear his mouth of the buildup of phlegm
caused by the tubes.::

Eyas Wulfantine: A little.. water.. mother.

::Solara attended to her son’s needs. As she did so, the vid-screen in
the corner of the room, normally used for showing Eyas a variety of
classic Pythron cinema to keep him from dying of boredom, pinged with an
incoming call. Solara gently disconnected the mouth tube, as the Doctor
had shown how to do properly, and then gently tipped the cup onto Eyas’
lips, a few drops at a time, to allow him to drink. Only once she’d done
that did she go over to the console and answer the call. A face appeared
she didn’t recognise, but Eyas’ eyes flashed with recognition.::

Richards: My apologies for not calling ahead. My name is Lieutenant
Alexander Richards of Starfleet. I’m trying to get in touch with an old
friend, Eyas Wulfantine. I was told that you were the point of contact.

::Solara looked over her shoulder to her son, and saw his face lift a

Solara Wulfantine: Yes, Eyas is with me. I am his mother, Solara
Wulfantine. As you may know, my son was badly injured on his last

Richards: I am very sorry to hear that. How has he been coping?

::Solara gave Eyas another quick glance. He was being so brave, but the
prognosis was not good. She daren’t tell him though.::

Solara Wulfantine: He is being wonderful. As strong as his father during
the wars, but he has to stay here and rest for now.

:: This concerned Alexander. Eyas despite being the lovable lug of the
group, was always full of courage and honor. He was the first man into
battle and the last man off the field. Alexander had always admired the
way Eyas dealt with his former medical condition that caused him to
revert into a monstrous lizard during times of extreme stress or when
exposed to various environmental conditions. To hear he was
incapacitated was upsetting. ::

Richards: Before I speak to your son, what can you tell me about the
situation on Pythro now? Have things changed for the better or are the
problems still ongoing?

::Solara sighed and looked down at the ground. The situation had been
turbulent to say the least. Her own imprisonment under the terror of
Inquisitor General LeNoir had been bad enough, and it was only thanks to
the efforts of Eyas and his friends that she was free.::

Solara Wulfantine: It is common knowledge I believe that the Inquisitor
fell from favour here on Pythro and President J’Eyga called the bulk of
the army back from Byzatium. Things are more peaceful now, and my family
is no longer under censure. However, the Inquisitor never truly left the
scene and is now Viceroy in the Occupied Territories. The war goes on.
So much needless suffering on both sides.

:: Alexander could understand the woman’s fear and hesitation to speak
about such things. From the parts of the mission he had been able to
read about and previous conversations with Eyas, Solara had been through
a lot over the past several years and there was still a threat that
things could get worse before they got better. Finally, Eyas was ready
to take the call. Alexander decided he would thank the man’s mother for
her time before conversing with his old friend. ::

Richards: Thank you for your time Mrs Wulfantine.

:: Nothing could prepare Alexander for the sight he was about to
witness. It certainly put his own disability into perspective and showed
just how much the young Pythron had sacrificed for his world and his
mother. It took all of his inner strength not to cry at what he was
seeing. He opened his mouth to speak, the shaking and low volume of his
voice betraying his current feelings. ::

Richards: Eyas my old friend. I knew you had been injured but nobody
ever told me how bad it really was. :: Alexander took a long pause
trying to regain his composure. :: The sacrifices you have made for your
mother and your people. :: Another pause as he began to choke up with
tears, finally letting go. :: It should serve as an inspiration to all
of us who know you.

::Eyas’ once full and healthy features were now very emaciated. His long
lustrous hair, was lank and matted, or at least the bits that hadn’t
already fallen out. His injury may only have been to his torso, but the
recovery process from what would have killed a man not swimming with
nanite blood was not much better than death itself. Eyas’ hoarse croaked
voice almost gurgled out of his throat.::

Eyas Wulfantine: Alex… my friend.

::Eyas tried to raise his head, but had neither the strength, nor the
freedom of movement to do much.::

Richards: :: Wiping the stream of tears from his eyes with his left
sleeve. :: I’m sorry my old friend. I am truly sorry. :: He took a deep
breath and cleared his eyes again. :: You never deserved any of this.
You were only doing the right thing. I would argue until the cows come
home, as we humans say, with anyone who said this was a result of your
own selfish pride or arrogance. :: Pausing again, this time to think
very carefully of his next words. :: You did what had to be done, what
any man or woman in your situation would have done. We :: Another choke.
: That is to say your friends only travelled with you because we
believed in the whole of your cause. You know as I said then that but
for my disability I would have been right there with you.

:: Alexander took a much longer pause this time as he welled up again
and began to wail. ::

Richards: If only I hadn’t had that accident, maybe I could have
prevented what happened whilst you were serving on the vigilant. Maybe I
could have saved you from this fate. :: Again the young man paused
fighting back tears trying to calm himself. :: I feel terrible for
having ever felt sorry for my current situation old friend. Hell, I
still feel sorry for doubting myself when I look at what you and others
have achieved. :: He stopped himself :: But telling you this isn’t going
to brighten your mood and all things considered is rather selfish of me.

:: Richards finally managed to regain control of his emotions enough to
stop crying. Though he was still visibly distressed. ::

::Eyas saw his friend’s sadness. Eyas didn’t want nor deserve anyone’s
sorrow. He had pushed Major Handley-Page out of the way of the phaser
blast by choice. He was just doing his duty.::

Eyas Wulfantine: Don’t… cry…. Alex.

::Solara wiped a cold damp cloth over her son’s forehead. It was really
the only thing she could do for him right now.::

Richards: It’s hard old friend. Call it a human weakness if you will but
we tend to find it very difficult to see our friends in difficult, heart
breaking situations. However I can rest easy knowing that despite your
condition, you have your mother to look after you and it is quite
obvious her love for you is as deep as yours for her.

::Eyas managed a slight smile, his cracked lips bending as best they

Eyas Wulfantine: ::coughing:: You.. all… right?

Richards: I can’t complain about my situation old friend. Especially not
in front of you. Currently serving as the assistant chief science
officer of Starbase 118. Of course I’m defacto department head at the
moment as the base still hasn’t had a new chief assigned. Has anybody
else been in contact with you from the fleet? I would hate to think I
was the only person to have contacted you since your current situation

::Eyas blinked, slowly. There had been a few calls, but not as many as
he’d hoped. It was a big galaxy, and people were busy, he guessed.::

Eyas Wulfantine: No… but good to….. see. you, old … friend.

::Eyas had to pause as another coughing fit struck him. Solara moved
over to mop up the phlegm.::

Eyas Wulfantine: Ops? Depart..ment head? Good. Maybe.. you visit... me?

Richards: As far as I have come as a person old friend, I still yearn
for the glory days of old. The tales we could tell of adventures we had
in the short time we served with each other. I will have to come and see
you at some point this year. I know the entire region of space around
Pythro is still unstable but, some things are worth taking risks for.
Though I doubt Starfleet would be too impressed if my presence on Pythro
caused any unnecessary trouble.

:: Alex shuffled in his chair to prevent his lower back from going numb.
He still found it difficult to look at his old friend but the more he
talked, the easier it was becoming to come to terms with the gravity of
his situation. ::

::Eyas noticed, even in his slightly blurred vision, that Alex was
looking slightly fidgety. Eyas remembered Alex had been injured during
the battle of Deep Space Ten. The two men had lost contact to a more or
less greater degree since their respective transfers, but Eyas was
concerned for his friend. Was he still in a wheelchair, almost a year

Eyas Wulfantine: Alex… your legs? You… not better?

:: The question Alex had hoped his old friend wouldn’t ask finally came
up. It would have been one thing to tell a proud Eyas Wulfantine at the
peak of health that he was still disabled, but in his current condition.
Alexander knew the Pythron male would find it upsetting. ::

Richards: oO Of all the questions. it had to be that one. Oo

:: Alexander took a long pause as he composed himself to answer the
question. He wasn’t quite sure how to voice his current situation
without causing Eyas unnecessary stress and anguish. ::

Richards: Despite a good prognosis after the initial incident on Deep
Space 10 my old friend, relatively little has changed. I am due for
another meeting regarding my current condition with Starbase 118’s
resident CMO, Lieutenant Commander Solok but in all honesty I don’t hold
out much hope.

:: Another long pause. This time to dwell on the reality of the
situation. It wasn’t as if Starfleet medical had been dragging their
heels over the situation. Medical scientists on Earth, Starbase 118 and
other notable institutions had been researching his ailment. ::

Richards: But whatever happens I know my family and colleagues will
always be supportive of me.

::Eyas was saddened. It looked like the two of them had more in common
than just a uniform and a shared adventure.::

Eyas Wulfantine: I am.. sorry.. for you, Alex.

::He coughed again, a little blood being brought up.::

Eyas Wulfantine: Any hope… for cure?

:: A very difficult question to answer. Alexander had to keep hoping for
a cure but the longer he was waiting, the smaller the chances became. ::

Richards: I have to keep hoping my old friend. The best Starfleet has to
offer is working on my case. If there is a cure, they will find it. How
about you Eyas. Is there ever a chance of you recovering?

:: Alex was almost 99% sure he knew the answer already but had to ask.
Eyas’ eyes narrowed at the word *chance*. In truth, he had been told
relatively little from his Doctors.::

Eyas Wulfantine: I don’t… know. I just take… it.. hour by hour.

:: And there was the confirmation of his worst fears. Alexander couldn’t
shake the feeling that the universe had done his friend a great
injustice but at the same time he knew Eyas wouldn’t have it any other
way. His actions had saved a fellow officer from what would almost
certainly have been a fatal disruptor blast. Brave and courageous as
always. Before Alexander could ask another question Solara once again
appeared in front of the main view screen. ::

Solara Wulfantine: I am sorry Mr Richards, but Eyas must rest. It was
great of you to call.

:: As much as Alexander wished to spend more time speaking with his
friend he understood Solara’s position. He was grateful for the time she
had been able to give him. ::

Richards: I understand Mrs Wulfantine. Thankyou for allowing me this
time with your son.

Solara Wulfantine: It is no problem. Please do call again.

::Eyas blinked and smiled.::

Eyas Wulfantine: Good bye… Alex.

:: And with that, the line of communication was closed. Alex shed
another tear, resolving that next time he wouldn’t leave it so long
between communications. He also put it into his mind that he would get
to Pythro before the year was out to pay his friend a visit. Of course
he was well aware that might be easier said than done given the current
political climate there. ::

::Solara mopped Eyas’ brow once again, hoping the effort of talking
hadn’t hurt him too much. Reluctantly, she replaced the tube into his
mouth and throat, and kissed him on his forehead.::

::: Finally, after having spent several minutes in front of the blank
monitor Alexander began to roll himself away towards the kitchen. Before
the elementals had attacked the station, Marissa had managed to source
some amazing coffee beans from one of the stations many arboretums. He
didn’t bother to ask exactly what there genus was. He probably wouldn’t
have cared about it anyways. All he knew was that they made a far better
coffee than anything the replicator was able to produce. ::

:: The surfaces in the Richards apartment were specially adapted so that
Alexander (and by extension, his son, John) could use them. He took his
freshly brewed drink and placed it in a cup holder on his lap before
turning to face the door and gently rolling himself towards his study.
January meant crew evaluations were due and he had a rather large
department to oversee. Of course this meant putting in extra hours
beyond his normal shift pattern but, it didn’t bother him. He would
rather be working than spending his free time alone and bored. ::

:: As he picked up the next PADD his mind wandered back to his old
friend Eyas and his current state. Seeing him like that had reminded
Alex just how short and precious life was and just how important
friendships are. As he browsed Ensign Ireya Ilwary’s file with a smile
he resolved to contact both Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman and
Lieutenant Commander Velana to catch up with them. It really had been
too long since his accident and subsequent departure from the USS
Mercury since he last talked with either of them. ::

To Be Continued…



Lt. Alexander Richards
Asst. Chief Science Officer: SB118 Ops


LtCmdr Eyas Wulfantine (PNPC)
Former Chief Tactical Officer; USS Mercury

Simmed by:
LtCmdr Leo Handley-Page
Tactical/Security Chief: USS Garuda
SB118 Podcast Team Facilitator

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