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Unique Quotes in Sims - USS Constitution-B

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  • 2 weeks later...

That pale blue sparkle that make Andorians look like they were some sort of mystical sparkling angry unicorns at a psychedelic discoteque coalesced around them, depositing the officers within easy reach of the next step in this crazy quest: report for duty

What a fascinating picture. I will never be able to read about them, not thinking that they might be angry unicorns ;)

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That pale blue sparkle that make Andorians look like they were some sort of mystical sparkling angry unicorns at a psychedelic discoteque coalesced around them, depositing the officers within easy reach of the next step in this crazy quest: report for duty

What a fascinating picture. I will never be able to read about them, not thinking that they might be angry unicorns ;)

Jamie is great, isn't she? And it might be that we are unicorns- here to take you off to Candy Mountain.

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  • 3 weeks later...

::Hael had to take a double take at D'Sena. For a minute he thought she didn't have any eyes. When she looked at them, he had a dumbfounded look on his face. But recovered, poorly he was sure, and nodded at the welcome. oO My what big eyes you have... What's next? Big ears?...Oo Hael gave a quick glance at Dorsorak oO ... Really?Oo::

I lol'd at this. Perfect comedic effect!

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  • 1 month later...

Dr. van Djik makes a Freudian slip...

::He had hoped that those two bodies would turn out to be Foster and VeeVee and the mission would be over. Now they had to search for the fugitive Ex-Commander and the Romulan. So much about the plans for dinner with that charming man from engineering. He'd have to call him later. Sinda Essen would certainly have to call bridge now. If she didn't, Sorensen would certainly do that.::

Dr. Foster senses his staff is out to kill him... >.>

I know it's a typo, but I got a good chuckle out of it!

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  • 3 weeks later...

This could be one of the most atmospheric things I've ever read. It perfectly sets the scene, and changes New Sydney from being just a background setting to an actual living, breathing place.


::The very first thing that hit him was the overwhelmingly sweet scent of flowers.
Ok, that was not what he expected. He was steeling himself for the scents of blood, [...] and decay. Not... flowers.
His antennae curled downwards, nostrils flaring. The scent wasn't the light, pure, wholesome smell of fresh flowers. It was cloying and sickly, dripping with overtones of artificial sugar. To his Andorian senses it was overpowering and he found himself blinking to try to clear the water from his eyes.
All around them people were drunkenly gyrating with arms held upwards into the Plexiglas tempered sunshine. Songs and catcalls wafted over the general din of a party-going crowd. It was like Risa, if Risa was smothered in the scent of fake maple syrup.
One lovely young thing ambled forward, greeting them with a wide smile. Her eyes were shining and slightly over wide. To the casual observer they were full of love and friendliness. To the clinically trained doctor she had an unusual split second delay on pupil dilation, which made Wyn start suspecting narcotics were in play.::
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I could not help but laugh out loud at this gem:

::Nate watched as the brave young ensign stepped out of the group, and put on an act worthy of something he himself might have pulled out of nowhere.::

Wyse: Color? the [...]ed Flexian, never said nuting bout a color. Now you either open the [...]ed door and get him here, or you can just go and tell him to kiss his money goodbye.

::A moment passed, and Nate and the entire team listened, as now two voices argued through the intercom.::

Voice 1: He says he don't know the color???

Voice 2: How can he not know the color?

Voice 1: I don't know, you stupid grunt, maybe we should let him in and ask him!

Voice 2: Maybe he's one of the stupid teens getting high on Vaxo vapors...

Voice: I think you have the vapors, you moron...

Voice 2: Well there's no need to be mean about it...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hummmm. ::With sarcasm:: Mayyyybeee I have had a metric tone of fertilizer karma dumped on me. Got my security clearance removed because of a handful of rear assmerals I hurt while assigned as a hunter to Star Fleet Intelligence’s Inspector General. Then defrocked and exiled to SB-118 as a Green Collar then when life looked better was reassigned to the harsh end of farinaway nowheresville.

HAH! This was awesome!

I have a very bad good feeling that tr'Khellian will get on famously with Wyn... >.>

They can trade bartending recipes...

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Foster: Flint's obviously the mastermind of this operation. He's the only one not sticking his neck out and indulging in dangerous pastimes. ::he surmised, glancing at the security and intel members of the team:: I'm not sure how easy he'll be to flush out - either from the Apollo or from the ground.

::Nate steeled his gaze, and looked to the Andorian, intent clearly written in his eyes.::

Wilmer: I'll follow Flint on a tricycle if I have to.

I have laughed way more than I possibly should have at the image of that :)

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  • 4 months later...

Hael: Run’em straight to the surge protectors. :: He pointed at the Vulcan.:: I could kiss you. :: He smirked.::

T’Vay: I would ask that you didn’t… Sir.

I laughed a little too hard!

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  • 1 month later...

Don't hate me Tony, but this made me laugh a little more than it should have lol

Milsap: It's times like this I wish I was crafty instead of good lookin'.

Danzia: :: amused :: Who says you’re good looking?

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Foster: Please hold, your call is very important to us. If you would like to speak with an operator press zero…

:: The doctor stood a hair to close to Rustyy. Without missing a beat and mumbling as well. ::

Hael: Pour les Français, s'il vous plaît Appuyez sur deux.

:: He smirked. Though his accent horrendous for sure, he did know one language beyond his broken English. And it was all because of a cute, petite, brunette from the Academy. Girls could make boys do anything... He thought a moment longer of the French girl before paying attention once again to the conversation around him. ::

YESSSS :laugh:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Engineers, she recalled, tended to be loud. When dealing with plasma bursts and overloading-warp cores she figured a loud voice probably came in more useful than a communicator at times. Perhaps they took special classes on shouting at the academy?

I want to see those classes in action...

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  • 1 month later...

Then again she was a redhead with a shiny new dagger, and if anything spelled trouble it had to be that combination...::

Hael: Hey Doc. ::smirking and shoving food into his mouth.:: Buy ya that drink?

::Good timing, Rustyy. Wyn smiled as his mind switched from Jalana Rajel chasing people down the corridors of the Constitution with a dagger::

I laughed way too much at this! I never thought of the danger of a redhead with a dagger LOL

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