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Potential Themes for Poll of the Week!

StarBase 118 Staff

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Since I began dreaming up these weekly Polls of the Week, I’ve been itching to add theme music to it. Why? Don’t ask me. Maybe I’m crazy icon razz Potential Themes for Poll of the Week! But as with all my polls, I don’t want to actually choose the theme, so I tried to fathom a way that the theme can be chosen by you all. The readers and contributors to the Poll of the Week segments.

This week will be a lead-up poll where the outcome may have long lasting effects on this Poll of the Week thingy. This week I would like the members of our little community to come up with suggestions for our theme and next week I will compile the list and our members can then choose their favorite.

So this week the onus is on all of you to decide what theme(s) would work best for the Poll of the Week, and thus, for this week’s poll, the question is simple. Do you think this is a silly idea or a great idea or you just couldn’t care less?

If you want, have fun with this and nothing is off the table. So head on down to the polls and suggest a theme, with preferably a link so others can hear it, and your choices will be added to next week’s Poll of the Week. There you will also see my suggestion icon smile Potential Themes for Poll of the Week!

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