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Featured Bio Competition Judging Criteria


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The Featured Bio Competition uses the following Judging Criteria, which is a great guide and standard for both judges and participants. This isn't to stifle your creativity with your articles, it is to ensure each bio is judged fairly and provide a guide to the basic components that make up a great character bio.

Please see the following articles as an example of how people can use the judging criteria as a guide and still have quite unique and interesting bios.

Each of these articles includes the elements listed in the criteria yet each showcases the character in a distinct fashion. If anything, we hope the criteria may perhaps inspire you and other members to expand your articles in a way that will let any reader learn more about your characters and the adventures that they have had during their time in our fleet.

  1. Must be of a player character played by a current and active member.
  2. Must be either a primary or secondary player character. PNPCs are ineligible.
  3. All information in the article must be current as of the submission date.
  4. Must include both a link to the character’s current ship in the first sentence of the article and a template box with the current ship’s roster at the bottom of the article.
  5. Must include an appearance section.
  6. Must include a relationships section with a link to at least one different simmer’s player character.
  7. Must include some description of the character’s background, personality, or career history.
  8. Must include a full professional history of the character, showing rank progression, previous duty posts, and previous assignments.
  9. Must include an awards section showing any awards or service ribbons the character has received if applicable. This section should also include links to the “List of Awards” and “Service Ribbons” articles. The links may be incorporated into the section heading, as part of a table subheading, or listed separately.
  10. Must include links to at least two (2) selected sims written from the character’s perspective.
  11. Must be properly categorized into at least the following five categories:
    1. Characters
    2. Affiliation (e.g., Starfleet personnel, Civilians)
    3. Ship/Station PCs (e.g., USS Avandar PCs)
    4. Profession (e.g., HCO Officers, Scientists)
    5. Species (e.g., Vulcans, Caitians)
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