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USS Vigilant Wins in the 2013 Tournament of Simulations

StarBase 118 Staff

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Every year, the folks over at Ongoing Worlds host a contest that calls on all online sims and RPGs to submit themselves to extensive judging in order to find the best games of the year. Each year, the awards can vary based on the chair, but one thing remains constant; the prestige that comes with winning one of these awards is no small thing. The simple fact is, players these days have a variety of options and choices when it comes to choosing the game they will join. The best games, inevitably, end up with the most players, and a reputation that lives on in the history of online gaming.

This year, the USS Vigilant joins the ranks of those who can call themselves the best of the best. Winners of the Tournament of Simulation’s ‘Best Star Trek Sim’ (having tied with the USS Victory of Independence Fleet), the Vigilant was deemed by the judges of the competition to embody the heart and soul of Trek while maintaining a high level of quality and creativity along the way. We all know and love the stories this member vessel of the Starbase 118 Fleet adds to our group’s history, but now they have a new, and bigger claim to fame that will forever show what an amazing group this really is.

The Vigilant’s win marks the third year in a row that a ship of the 118 Fleet has brought home a Tournament win. The run began in 2011, when the Duronis II Embassy won ‘Most Creative Sim’, and continued in 2012 when Starbase 118 ops was awarded ‘Excellence in Prolificness’. With the Vigilant winning ‘Best Star Trek Sim’, we congratulate the crew and staff of our newest winner and look forward to bringing home another title in 2014.

Congrats to everyone aboard the Vigilant for a job well done!

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