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Wanda DyAmone - Enough is Enough


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((Shelter ~ SB118 Ops))

::Wanda was evacuated from main sickbay together with her mother. Wanda was spending days since mother’s injury and sitting by her bed, reading her and talking to her hoping it will wake her mother from coma she was in ever since the end of the first surgery. After all this months, Wanda was almost ready to accept that her mother will not wake up any time soon. Her father couldn’t accept that. He even accepted a desk position aboard the station to can be near his wife, something Wanda considered impossible for her parents.::

::Though, she considered impossible for them to ever think of having another child or to retire, but they planned both and this accident ruined their plans thoroughly. It was hard watching her father suffer a loss of a baby, though unborn. He was suffering and in his pain he failed to see that his only child is suffering too. Suffering because of her mother yes, but equally suffering for Wanda was watching her colleagues taking over the station command and she was not there for them to help. Wanda felt as she failed them.::

::She missed them a lot and couldn’t find a courage to go and say hi. Worst was seeing Marvin almost every day. Just a few days ago she decided to one day when father replace her in sickbay go and talk to him. Wanda loved him and she had to find out do he feels the same for her.::

::Now she was sitting in the shelter while they were fighting something obviously very deadly when they moved all the civilians to the shelters. She wondered will she see any of them again and it was hurting her, so much. When her father arrived and brought few boxes of blankets, she stood to him and explained she want him to take her to command.::

G. DYAMONE: No, absolutely not.

DYAMONE: Enough is Enough. Father, 'you' can do that or I’ll ask one of security officers. You know that I’m much safer with you escorting me. Your choice, Sir. ::She was watching him firm and tough. Sir shook him, obviously. It was telling him that she means it seriously that she is returning to active duty when she treated him as superior officer. He looked at her in silence, turned away from her and then back to her. Gordon took one of the blankets from the box and covered his wife kissing her in her cheek, then turned back to Wanda.::

G.DYAMONE: I can’t lose you, child. I lost a baby this year, i can’t lose my only child.

DYAMONE: You know I was always careful.

::He bite his upper lip and pouted, then grabbed another blanket from the box and put it on her forming a robe around her and pining it with something Wanda couldn’t recognize at first. When she finally saw the pin she knew he was ready for this. Gordon obviously knew his child better than she expected him.::

DYAMONE: You cleared this with security, pa?

G.DYAMONE: Yes, commbadge is yours to use. I told them you’re devoted medic and you’ll surely want to help. ::He sighed heavy.:: Are you ready?

::Wanda collected her medical bag from under the bed her mother was laying on, kissed her mother and nodded to her father.::


::They walked in silence. Maybe because they were not alone, maybe because they wouldn’t talk anyway. Some parts of the station looked as nothing happened while some they moved through as the war was followed by thunderstorm with lot of heavy wind. On their way Wanda stopped few times to check bodies and her father and his marines frowned every time, all up till she actually found alive woman barely breathing hit by something or maybe someone running to the shelter and left for dead. One of them was left behind to help poor woman to sickbay.:.

::When they were almost on their destination, another body attracted her attention. Woman was laying on the floor as resting, but moreover she was looking familiar. When Wanda approached young Betazoid opened her eyes and smiled.::

ILWARY: Deities, thank you. I thought I’ll stay here forever. My uniform is stuck and I’m frozen and couldn’t pull out.

::Wanda saw the look on the faces of tough marines and growled at them.::

DYAMONE: She is ill and weak, in her condition getting frozen as she is is disastrous. Don’t look like idiots, help her.

::Soon everyone realized it was impossible to pull the uniform without ripping it apart. When they got Ireya up even Wanda couldn’t but laugh seeing the hole on young Betazoid’s back. One of marines, the youngest one took off his jacket and covered Ireya and her bare back and posterior.::

::When they reached Command center everyone entered, but Wanda stopped at the door. She was imagining this moment so many times and in her imagination it was easy, she will come to Rogers and tell him she is back... she first saw James and it shook her and then remembered how she just sent a message to Captain never faced him when left to take care of her mother and now it all turned into a fear that made her legs heavy and her resolution fade away.::

DYAMONE: Captain. ::She whispered and when nobody noticed her, took a deep breath and said aloud.:: Captain, permission to sssstep aboard, Sir.

ROGERS:: Turning around at the sibilant pronunciation of ssstep he paused in confusion seeing Lt DyAmone standing looking at him. He said the first thing that came into his head. :: Welcome back Lieutenant.

DYAMONE: Thank you. I... ::She looked up to her father, seeking support and courage.:: I would like to return to duty, Sir.

::She just glanced to Will; still expecting to be refused, Wanda held her head down.::

ROGERS: ::Quite sure his inane greeting had caused her obvious discomfort he responded to her request:: Lieutenant we need every hand to the wheel. You are returned to duty.

to be continued...

PNPC Wanda DyAmone
Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

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