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November for the USS Excalibur

StarBase 118 Staff

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Having accomplished their mission on Agurtha and provided a cure to be distributed by the Romulans, the crew of USS Excalibur left orbit and returned without incident to Starbase 118. As they left, the Romulans continued their work to rebuild the war torn and desperate planet. Gestures of good faith connected the civilian government, Romulan fleet, and Agurthan Tal’Shiar in the effort.

Enroute, the crew became more familiar with “Scott”, the entity formerly residing within Benjamin Walker. Having decided that he does not pose a threat, the crew has begun to assist him in understanding his new environment. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Luna Walker awoke after being rescued from Agurtha; the medical staff has begun her rehabilitation.

During their short leave aboard Starbase 118, the crew spent time on personal errands and recreation. Additionally, they organized an elaborate staff dinner to celebrate their successful return. With the preparations complete, the crew is ready to enjoy an evening of revelry before leaving on their next mission.

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