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I must say this week has not been the most exciting for me. Perhaps its the onset of winter’s full-blast where I live, or I’ve sub-consciously given my liver a rest from being out too many nights to visit my local watering-hole over the last few weeks. Whatever the case is, I’ve hermitized myself, except for of course, making a living by going to that always enjoyable place called work.

As some of you may know, I work for the public sector, and have recently begun to work in front of the camera once in awhile. Before doing so, I am forced to look my camera best, and so, therefore a special type of makeup is applied before going on air, and this is applied after they wash off the regular makeup I wear to work on a daily basis. Not being the most outgoing girl in the world, I cringe inside when it is applied, for it makes me look odd in the real world. No matter where I go, while TV makeup is on my face, I get stares and strange comments anyplace away from the camera, such as the local coffeshop, or the restaurant where I have lunch with my friends from work.

At the start, this was nerve racking, but with great support from my friends at work and special training, I am beginning to become more and more comfortable with it. Each time I go on the air, despite the nervous tension and butterflies in my stomach, I feel as if I am growing into this new role well and am beginning to come to enjoy it and have learned a great deal from the experience.

As such, a couple of weeks ago, I was being prepared to give an interview, when the person applying my make-up gave me some pointers how to bring out different features of my face using different colors, in my daily routine. Since this group is mainly composed of men, I am certain most of you could care less about the story regarding mascara and/or blush application and color palettes, so therefore I’ll get to the point.

I was informed that the choices I was making did not work well with my eye color. Until working with professionals I never considered my eye color to be a factor in make-up, but after doing some research on the subject, I learned it is very important and have begun to make minor changes to bring out my eyes more in my regular routine.

While doing the research on eyes and make-up, I found it odd that I came across a Star Trek related website related to early special effects of TOS, and the episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in particular. At the time, the special effects were state of the art for a television show, but without today’s CGI, the actors and actresses had to, apparently, suffer discomfort. To make Gary Lockwood’s and Sally Kellerman’s eyes glow,  they actually had to have them wear a special type of contact lens. According to Kirk1980 over at trekbbs.com, “they were scleral lenses which allowed the effects department to get a thin sheet of foil between the layers of the lens. A pinhole was poked in them to allow the actors to see.

This had the knockon effect that Lockwood had to tilt his head up in order to see properly, giving him that sorta arrogant look. He wasn’t being dramatic, he just couldn’t see otherwise!

They were also HIGHLY uncomfortable. Heat built up behind them, driving Lockwood crazy. Kellerman, though, never showed discomfort. Then again, she didn’t wear them as much, so who knows.”

Whether the statement is true or not, I am quite certain changing eye color in those days for film was not as simple as it is today, and if the actors and actresses had to wear makeshift early 60′s contacts, it could not be an easy gig. So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question.

If you were a well-known actor like Gary Lockwood or Sally Kellerman at the time, would you have placed your eyes into potential danger for such a guest role? Especially if it was for a pilot of a television show that was not picked up by the networks the first time around? Why or why not? Head on down to the forums and let us know. We voyeurs wanna know the inner workings of your psyche smile Would You...?

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