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PNPC Lt Eliaan Deron - Doctor... Who?

Sedrin Belasi

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((Sickbay - Deep Space 6))

::Eliaan Deron could hear the commotion from half way down the hall but even then, he was still surprised when he entered the main sickbay and saw several members of his staff standing around with equipment littering the floor. As he approached his aide Suvan, a tricorder flew out of a storage cupboard and landed at his feet.::

Deron: What is going on in here?
::The Vulcan gave the closest approximation of a sigh that Eliaan had ever seen from him.::
Suvan: Doctor, we're having some technical trouble with the EMH...
Deron: What sort of trouble?
::More equipment was thrown from the cupboard onto the floor and the holodoctor was muttering away to himself in the cupboard.::
Suvan: His holomatrix appears to have been damaged with the recent computer system breaches. I have reported the malfunction to engineering and they have informed me that several systems were cross-linked to circumnavigate security lock outs. Evidently, the EMH program has been linked to the main hologrid...
::The EMH leapt out of the cupboard and stared at them wide-eyed. In his career, Eliaan had seen several different EMH models. The Powers That Be seemed to be fine with the hologram looking completely different each time and while they were all technically the same program, they all had slightly different personalities. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the needless technical regeneration that Starfleet seemed obsessed with. Despite his familiarity with the other Doctors, the EMH currently looked nothing like the previous versions.::
::In fact, he looked a little like Lt Commander Breeman, who Eliaan had served with on SB118!::
::The EMH held a tricorder against his face and was talking into it as if it were a communication device.::
Doctor: Please nature the medical of your problem state!
::The Betazoid raised an eyebrow. It was clear that more than his physical appearance had been altered by the cross-link.::
Doctor: Good cupboard that... bigger on inside than it looks from out here
Deron: Can we deactivate him?
Suvan: No. His deactivation protocols appear to have been damaged
::Eliaan shook his head and sighed. Why did nothing run smoothly around here?::
Deron: Typical. ::turning to the EMH:: Hello, I am Doctor Deron. Do you know where you are?
Doctor: Of course I do, I travel through all time and space!
::If, as seemed likely, holoprograms from the network were bleeding into his matrix then he wasn't technically wrong. Maybe he wasn't even the EMH any more but rather a character from the holodeck. If so, there was a good possibility that their EMH was gone and might not be retrievable and that was bad news for the station. The last time it had been offline it had taken ages to bring it back.::
Deron: Do you know who you are?
Doctor: You can call me Doctor
Deron: Doctor who?
::The hologram looked confused by the question.::
Doctor: Just The Doctor
Deron: I see...
::Before he could say anything else, the Doctor flickered a little.::
Doctor: Oh... what was that?
Deron: Your matrix is unstable. Try and hold tight until someone can come and fix it.
::The Doctor seemed to think about that for a moment before he dropped the tricorder onto the deck and leapt back into the cupboard. More chaos ensued as it sorted through the equipment, which meant throwing most of it onto the deck. When it burst back out of the cupboard, it did so with a shout.::
Doctor: AH - HA!
::Eliaan held the bridge of his nose. He was supposed to be off-duty, why did he think he could pop in and pick up some messages without being pulled into some kind of nonsense.::
Deron: Okay, everyone out. Suvan can you wait here with him a second?
Suvan: Yes, Doctor.
::The other members of staff filed out of the room and the doors closed behind them. Eliaan issued orders for them to use the other rooms of sickbay and to leave this one empty for now. He then contacted the engineering teams, busy as they were fixing the other damaged systems, this crazed hologram could destroy sickbay. He was assured that they would get to sickbay as soon as they could and with that he re-entered the room. Suvan stood completely still as the EMH leapt around and shouted nonsense.::
Deron: Why is he waving that dermal regenerator around?
Suvan: ::deadpan:: I have no idea but he claims it is sonic
Deron: A sonic regenerator? He looks insane.
Suvan: Indeed.
::At that moment, the Doctor stopped leaping around as he flickered again. He looked up at them both and looked scared at what was happening to him. It dropped the dermal regenerator onto the deck. The next moment, there was a flash of light and the hologram yelled as his matrix whirled and jolted. Even knowing that this was a technical problem, Eliaan was stricken by how it looked and sounded and the worry of what was coming next.::
Deron: By the four deities...
::As quickly as the light and the shouting had started it stopped and to everyone's surprise, the EMH looked completely different.::
Suvan: Fascinating!
::As it began to look at itself on a reflective computer console while tugging on the new hair and making faces at itself, Eliaan realised he had experienced enough insanity for one day.::
Deron: Look, Suvan, the engineering team said it would be here presently. Can you handle things here until they arrive?
::The Vulcan looked crestfallen but nodded.::
Suvan: Of course, Doctor
Deron: Great, thanks!
::He headed quickly out of sickbay as the EMH leapt up onto a biobed.::
Doctor: GERONIMO!!
::The doors closed behind him and Eliaan was glad of the silence. He would make it up to Suvan later, somehow, but for now he was just glad to be out of there and back in calm, non-wacky universe of the Federation.::
Lieutenant Eliaan Deron
Acting CMO
Deep Space 6
Simmed by Lt Cmdr Zehn
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