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Psst, Have You Heard?

StarBase 118 Staff

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Gossip is as old as human language. Wherever you have people gathered together and living in a confined space, whether it be as small as a tiny town or as large as a sprawling city, gossip is alive and well. Generally kept to smaller communities, the advent of the Internet and, along with it, social media, has given new venues for gossip to spread. It’s been used to document and reveal rumours about unknowns such as that new freshman in third period English, or to spread falsehoods about how Barack Obama is not really an American citizen.

The origins of the word might surprise you. It actually finds its roots in the old English word ‘godsibb’, which meant ‘godparent’. In the mid 14th century, this meaning came to encompass any familiar acquaintance. That came about because during that time, when a woman was in labour, female friends would be invited. This turned a natural course of life into a social event for the women who were present. And when women are present, talk will ensue. By the mid sixteenth century, the word came to mean ‘engaging in in familiar or idle talk’ then transformed to mean ‘idle talk or rumour’. Generally when we think of gossip, we do think of rumours, bits of information, true or false, circling around about someone, something, or a group of people.

Despite all the advances in societal positions of various racial and social groups in the Star Trek universe, it would be folly to think that gossip would be non-existent. With people group together in close quarters (some closer than others), inevitably stories about people and events circulate among the masses. Surely there are characters who would enjoy spreading tidbits about their coworkers, friends, and enemies. Even if you don’t have a character who enjoys that sort of past time, perhaps you think it would be fun for such information to spread around about your character, or even someone else’s.

Well, thanks to Saveron’s player, we now have place to do just that. Whether it’s from your character’s point of view or you just want to throw up some fun little bites for others to run away with, head on over to the new IC News and Gossip Forum. It’s a great way to spread truths, lies, and have fun!

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