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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker, " That @#$#%# Gorn"

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Parkers’ Quarters, Marine Barracks ))
:: After the night of dealing with Doctor Adan, they were fortunate to get back just before the twin suns rose that morning. It was too early to go to bed..they still had some work to do, and their quarters was the best place to do it at the moment. Others were enjoying their shore leave, but they were knee deep in finding out more about this secret organization the doomed doctor referred to. After a leisurely breakfast, which did more to make them both feel more tired, they decided to call it a day...or was it night...and get a little sleep...they had had precious little of it since the bluegill invasion and Tallis Rhuls’ funeral, and sleep quickly came to them...::
(( Later that afternoon, Marine CO’s office ))
:: Now refreshed from their nap, Hannibal and Kamela went down to the Marine CO’s office to try to find a little more information. Once he opened the door to his office, Kamela was the first to comment on what was missing...::
Allison: Ty....where is your furniture?
:: Which was a good question. The last time he was in his office, it was fully furnished, with a new desk and chairs...now...they were all missing...::
Parker: They were here when I left...I wonder what the hell happened to them?
Allison: Was anybody supposed to be in here?
Parker: No...
: This was truly a predicament he was not expecting, and a mystery he would soon see the bottom of. Tapping his commbadge, he contacted the Quartermaster...::
Parker: =/\= Major Parker to Quartermaster.=/\=
Franks: =/\= Lieutenant Franks here, Major. What can I do for you?=/\=
Parker: =/\= My new chairs and desk are missing..=/\=
Franks:=/\= Let me check on that Major...=/\=
:: Over the open line, Hannibal could hear the Quartermaster entering a query on the computer, and he quickly came back with an answer...::
Franks:=/\= Major...did you finish filling out the requisition form for your furniture? =/\=
:: Hannibal had to think for a minute...Starfleet was like any military, in that the paperwork had to be in proper form and submitted, something Hannibal had been a little bit busy to keep up with it all, and the departed Lt. Martinez may have overlooked it. Such things were usually not a problem, but now, it seemed to be a huge one...::
Parker: =/\= Lieutenant...my desk and chairs are missing from my office..and I’m sure the proper trail can be dealt with...but right now...I’M STANDING IN MY OFFICE WITH NO FURNITURE!!!!!=/\=
Franks: =/\= Major, without the proper paperwork, the desk and chairs were appropriated by someone who had filled out the proper forms....=/\=
:: Hannibal had had enough of this...::
Parker: =/\= Where is my furniture?=/\=
Franks: =/\= Major...=/\=
Parker: =/\= WHERE?????!!!!!!=/\=
:: Even with Kamela trying in vain to calm him down Hannibal was not happy...and the Quartermaster was getting an earful...::
Franks: =/\= Your furniture was appropriated by.....Commander Nugra..=/\=
:: Hannibal was on the verge of going to the Quartermasters’ office and tearing him to shreds, but it was that walking briefcase he was really mad at...but the hapless Lieutenant was currently in his sights...::
Parker:=/\= Lieutenant...you have exactly TEN minutes to get me a new desk and chairs, the same ones which were here. If they are not here by then, your life will become...very uncomfortable. NOW MOVE!!!!=/\=
Franks: =/\= Aye, Sir, we’ll get it right over. Don’t worry about the paperwork. Franks out.=/\=
:: After the channel closed, Hannibal began to curse in Klingon, but before he got really inventive, Kamela tried to calm his nerves....::
Allison: It’s just a minor issue, Ty...
Parker: Oh no it’s not. Godzilla is testing me....
Allison: God...you mean Commander Nugra?
Parker: Oh yes...that dishonorable, cold blooded...
Allison: Allright Hannibal...let’s just go back to our quarters and wait...we are on shore leave, you know..and it will give you a chance to calm down...
:: Hannibal followed Kamela back out, where they walked to their quarters. Upon entering, he sat at the terminal, having already though about the revenge he would extract on the Gorn. Accessing the life support controls, he ordered the temperature in Nugras’ quarters lowered to 10 degrees Celsius, then encrypted a code which could not be altered in any way, and erased it the computer. For the next week at the Embassy, the Gorn was going to be quite sluggish in the morning.Kamela saw what he was doing, but she didn’t stop him...what was going on between Hannibal and the Gorn was personal, and she knew it was going to get worse...:
Allison: Are you sure you want to do this?
Parker:: with a wicked smile:: Revenge is a dish served cold...and his quarters will be very, very cold....
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
Edited by Nugra
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