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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker, " Tough Conversation"

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Marine CO’s Office, Duronis Embassy ))
:: Hannah was nervous. After leaving the Somers sisters on board the Thunder, she wondered exactly how she was going to tell Hannibal she had been recruited by Lt. Commander Nugra to join his new strike team. It was a wonderful opportunity, but it was fraught with problems. Hannibal had been nothing but good to her since she joined him, saving her career. Would he view this as betrayal after all he did for her? Was she being used as a pawn by the Gorn commander to needle Hannibal in their simmering feud? The Gorn, after all, had been trying to nail Hannibal for some misdeed or another, and now...well, she just didn’t know. The Gorn could force her hand one way or another, but the final decision was hers. Once she left for the Academy, she would have time to sort it out. Hannibal even made sure she would follow the Marine accelerated program at Twenty Nine Palms. Nervously, she knocked on his door..::
:: Hannibal had not spent much time in his planetside office, so it still smelled mostly new, and the big chair squeaked a little. The walls were still mostly bare, as decorating them had not been a priority..but he would change that soon. Firing up his LCARS terminal, he began to wade through the tons of messages, requisitions, and Fleet information...until...he saw it. A transfer request, generated by no other than Lt. Commander Nugra....the anger began to boil against the hated Gorn...it wasn’t difficult. Accusing Hannibal of a crime when no crime existed, then sending a Security detail to HIS Marine deck not only was against protocol, but also dishonorable. Putting four of his then minions in Sick Bay was quite enjoyable. He and the Gorn had been too busy fighting bluegill to worry about fighting each other, but that day was coming when he was going to tame Godzilla and educate him on the finer points of Starfleet decorum. His thoughts of deconstructing a Gorn were broken by a knock on the door...:::
Parker: COME!
:: Hannah walked into the office to see the massive Marine sitting behind his deck. He was not smiling, which either meant that something had really [...]ed him off, or the paperwork was frustrating him. Either way, she learned the best way to deal with Hannibal was straight on. He ushered her in with a sweep of his arm, and motioned for her to have a seat..::
Martinez: Oo Oh God, please let me the first to tell him...Oo
:: Having just saw what he did, Hannibal was not happy, and he was hoping that Hannah was here to tell him about the pending transfer...he would speak to the Gorn about it later in rather forceful tones..::
Parker: You all ready to leave the nest for awhile?
Martinez: I am..I’ll get a chance to go to Arizona and see my brothers again, if they are in the system...but that’s not why I wanted to talk to you....
:: Leaning back in his chair, Hannibal waited for her to start...::
Parker: Go ahead...you know you can speak your mind with me...
::Hannah gulped hard..and for a fleeting moment, she wondered what it would be like to “christen” the Majors’ desk..the thought made her inwardly smile, but those days were over...and the blond [...] most likely would before too long anyway....::
Martinez: Hannibal....before the invasion, Commander Nugra came to me..and wants me to be part of a rapid reaction force made up of Marines and Security personnel, similar to your classified unit, except we would be perform assignments such as rescues, interdictions, and the like. We don’t have one, and it would be a real asset to the Thunder and the Embassy to have that capability.
:: Hannah did have a point. Hannibals’ unit was more of a clandestine outfit, operating in the shadows and usually under “plausible deniability”, which meant if they were caught, they were on their own. A unit such as the one the Gorn was putting together could absolutely be useful on sanctioned operations. Looking in Hannahs’ eyes, he knew she was struggling with telling him about this, and his anger towards the Gorn was still present, but he was determined not to let it show..::
Parker: It would be a good tool to have in the toolbox for those occasions where we might have a touchy situation out here...
Martinez: I know, Hannibal...but...I haven’t accepted the job.....
Parker: Why not?
Martinez: Because....I didn’t want to hurt you. This extra duty would be great for my career, but I didn’t want to do anything behind your back. I can still serve as your First Officer, as this would not be a full-time thing.::smiling: You can’t get rid of me that easily, Sir...
:: Hannibal was happy to hear that. Loyalty was something that Hannibal valued, and even though the transfer request was on his screen, he knew the extra training would be helpful to him as well..::
Parker: Hannah....you are my First Officer as long as you want to be, but I want you to understand that you will have to make the final decision. You are a capable officer, and even though I cannot stand that cold blooded, sharp toothed, grating voiced walking suitcase, his idea has merit....
:: Hannah was relieved, and she blew out a sign of relief. Once again, Hannibal surprised her, but this time, nothing was blown up or disemboweled...yet......::
Martinez: Hannibal...I don’t know what to say...
Parker: Say nothing until you are ready. You are going to be one hell of an officer, Hannah....
Martinez: It’s all because you believed in me....
:: Standing up behind the desk, Hannibal walked around it to face a now- standing Hannah. He embraced her, the hug conveying what the two of them could not say. Hannah felt protected, armored...and it was all she could do to keep from crying as he released her. Holding her out at arms’ length, Hannibal smiled..the first time he had smiled all day..::
Parker: When you get to Twenty Nine Palms, watch out for Major Charlie Houston..she runs the escape and evasion class there. She is sneaky, but good...
Martinez: I will, Sir.
Parker: If you have any problems there or at the Academy, let me know.
Martinez: I’ll be fine, Sir. Just tell Hella I want my flight lessons when I get back.
Parker: Done.
:: Hannah took a step back, looking at the Major, thinking again about the desk, then looking back at him..::
Martinez: Permission to leave the Embassy to make my transport?
Parker:: nodding and shaking her hand:: Permission granted...and good luck. I’ll see you back here soon..Semper Fi, Lieutenant..
Martinez: Hoorah, Major....
:: Smartly, Hannah turned on her heel and left Hannibals’ office. She didn’t dare look back, and she knew she was opening a new chapter in her life, and the one man who could have destroyed it all gave her more than what she had ever wanted...hope...and a chance. She would not fail him at the Academy, nor with the Marines, and she would be the best she could possibly be, even better than she ever thought possible, and she had Hannibal to thank for it..::
:: Hannibal watched her go, and she knew this was a big step for her. She would come back to him a better officer, a better warrior...a razor with an even finer edge. He sat back down at his desk, and although knowing he could not prevent Hannah from joining Nugras’ team, he decided to write the lizard a little note...
:: Hannibal wrote the rest of it in Klingon, questioning the Gorns’ parentage and lizardhood and wondered why he didn’t have the balls...or was it eggs...to tell him about it face to face and that such deceitfullnes was worthy of a Romulan. Smiling again, he hit send. He would love to see the Gorns’ face when he read the message...::
Lt. j.g Hannah Martinez
Weapons Specialist/Marine First Officer
USS Thunder-A/Duronis II Embassy
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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