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Mr. Bryant Asher - Solitary Window


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((USS Tiger-A, Deck 2, Jorey Personal Quarters))

::Asher sat down in his favourite chair. It was a rich, warm mahogany wing chair upholstered in a soft patchwork of velvet in blues and greens. The chair was set beside a small viewport. He liked to look out into the vastness of space as he sipped his sweet uttaberry tea. It made him feel insignificant. It was a humbling experience and Asher believed it was important for Betazoids to nurture their humility. Betazoids are not known for humility.::

Alena: ~Enjoy your tea, Bryant.~ She said draping a beautifully crafted sheer scarf over her shoulders. ~I'll be back in an hour or so.~

::Asher offered a warm parting smile before turning back to the viewport and his warm aromatic tea.::

oO That'd odd. Oo

::The stars seemed to be moving faster and in an erratic pattern. Asher stood up and stepped closer the viewport to get a better view. He could see a large planet. It looked like a giant drop of water. It was beautiful. As the ship got closer, Asher could see more detail in the water. Complex patterns in a pallet of blues. The movement of the ship was blurring the colours like the impassioned bush strokes of painter caught up in his work.::

::It reminded him of a painting of the Opal sea Jorey had once painted for him as a gift when he was younger. It was one of his favourite possessions. Jorey was a rough and aggressive child and had little interest in the arts. However, Asher was able to teach him the joys of expression and the importance of clarity and eloquence and on very rare occasions Jorey would become overwhelmed by inspiration and take to a brush. It gave Asher a great sense of pride that he was able to have a hand in making a brutish boy into a well-rounded young man.::

oO How big is this planet? Oo

::Asher was no longer able to see the black of space. The viewport was now completely filled by the deep blue ocean of the unknown planet. The floor seemed to give way underneath his feet and he fell clumsily into his favourite chair splattering the remains of his tea against the wall behind.::

oO What a mess! Oo

::The ship shook violently. Asher clung to the chair even as it tipped over and started to slide forward toward the far wall. Asher could sense terror, panic, and confusion from all over the ship. He was not confused. He had felt this once before when he was with Jorey and his parents aboard the USS Helios. The ship was going to crash.::

oO By the Gods! Oo

::The ship's momentum stopped suddenly slamming the chair backward sending Asher head first into the uttaberry stained wall. For the moment the ship was still. Asher stood up slowly and looked out the viewport. The hot deep red light from a nearby sun was almost blinding. It took a few moments for Asher to realize that he was looking at the planet's sky underneath shallow waters. He could feel his body getting weaker as he watched the sun's light slowly fade to black as the ship sunk further into the seemingly endless ocean depths.::

oO Such divine and inspiring darkness. Oo

::Asher tried to look out the viewport for as long as he could before succumbing to his injuries and losing consciousness. The midnight waters were made more haunting by the deep groans of the Tiger's hull under the intense pressure of the vast waters. The experience seemed to transcend reality and Asher felt the loving hands of Karawatti upon his shoulders, the spirit of Betazed herself was reaching out across space and time to assure him that he would see her again. He struggled to stay on his feet and failed. He collapsed over the headrest of the wingchair, his back arched awkwardly, and he continued to bleed out from the cut on his forehead.::

Mr. Bryant Asher


as simmed by

Lt. JG Brayden Jorey

USS Tiger-A

Chief Helm Officer & CAG

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