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A Place In Time

Brayden Jorey

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Jorey materialized on the transporter pad to see his childhood friend and imzadi, Koroth, standing at the door to welcome him.

“Welcome aboard the USS Perseverance, Mission Specialist Jorey.”

Jorey said nothing. He knew he didn't have to speak because his surprised expression and uninhibited smile told it better than any words could. Jorey moved slowly toward him. His limbs were nearly numb from the kind of shock that only true joy could cause. He wrapped his arms around the Klingon and kissed his cheek. Jorey felt Koroth's arms around him and the two lingered in a strong and warm embrace. A delighted smirk slowly emerged on Jorey's face as he heard his love unintentionally growl under his breath.

“I almost forgot how good you felt.” the Klingon whispered before pulling away and taking a formal stance and tone. “The Captain is eager to get this test underway. We will have to catch up on our way there.”

“Of course,” Jorey said starting for the door. “Lead the way.”

The two men discussed their recent promotions, shared the details of their recent missions, and how much they missed each other. They reminisced about their more memorable times together and admitted the pain they often felt having been separated from each other. The conversation may have been rushed, but they were each grateful for the opportunity to see each other and hoped they would have more time together after the test.

“Ah, Lieutenant Jorey,” The captain said, offering a warm, Betazoid smile. “welcome aboard the Perseverance. I'm so delighted to have you here.”

“I've always hoped that I would serve a Betazoid Captain someday.” Jorey said honestly making his way to the tall, strikingly beautiful woman in command red. “Commander Koroth has told me that you are eager to get the first test of your new slipstream drive underway.”

“Yes, of course.” The captain said, taking her seat and looking to her right. “This is my first officer Commander Lindt. Our Chief Engineer has just completed the warm up cycle and we are ready to launch.”

Jorey nodded and smiled at the first officer. He looked down at the console on the arm of his chair. He brought up the ship's energy levels, deflector dish readouts, and external sensors to monitor the quantum field.

“Lindt to engineering. Begin routing power through the deflector and initiate the quantum field.” The first officer ordered.

The voice of the ship's Chief Engineer confirmed the order and Jorey focused his attention to his console. Everything seemed to look good. Serving on the USS Tiger-A as the Chief Helm Officer, Jorey was very familiar with what good readings for a stable quantum field and subsequent slipstream should look like. However, the external sensors seemed to be picking up something that didn't seem to fit with what he knew. Jorey wanted to signal out the anomaly and tapped the console.

“Report!” The ship shook violently. “Koroth! By the gods, what is going on?” The captain's voice called out as the unprepared bridge crew were flung from their chairs. Jorey quickly picked himself up in the flashing glow of a red alert and got back in his chair.

“It's like we hit a brick wall, sir.” Koroth's voice replied in confusion from behind them. “Systems are in and out, but it appears that we've been attacked.”

“Ensign, get that viewscreen back up.” The first officer ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The young Romulan replied. “We are receiving an incoming transmission... I can give you audio only.”

“We are the Borg.” The bridge filled with the powerful, eery, and cold sound of the Borg collective. “Your biological and technological distinctiveness is incompatible to our own. Assimilation is no longer an option. You will be exterminated. Resistance if futile.”

The bridge fell into silence from shock, terror, and despair. Jorey looked down at his console to try and see what was out there. None of this made any sense. Jorey looked up at the viewscreen hoping the helmsman had it working.

The screen was filled with the familiar star spangled black space. Jorey looked around the ship to find that there was no damage, no attack, no Borg and no quantum field.

“Lindt to engineering. Begin routing power through the deflector and initiate a quantum field.” The first officer ordered... again. However, this time, before the engineer could respond the captain interrupted.

“Engineering, hold that thought.” The captain said leaning in toward Jorey and placing her hand on his should to get his attention. “Lieutenant, is everything okay.”

Jorey thought he was going crazy. He was afraid to answer. The Betazoid captain could sense his apprehension, but pushed herself into his thoughts and assured him that he should speak his mind.

“I just had the strangest... vision.”

Jorey spoke softly, still trying to make sense of what he saw and piece it together. He explained that he was aboard what looked like their ship, but he somehow knew it wasn't. They had initiated the quantum field, but were attacked before they could enter into the slipstream.

“It was the Borg,” Jorey said obviously disturbed by the experience. “But they were not interested in assimilation. They said they were going to exterminate us. Exterminate the Federation.”

“Ensign,” The captain could sense that Jorey believed what he was saying and wasn't going to take any chances. “is there anything on long range sensors?”

The young ensign at the helm turned toward them and shook his head no. The young human woman was speechless and growing frightened.

“In the vision,” Jorey said looking at the young ensign. “you were a young Romulan.”

“Sir,” The voice of the science officer broke the eerie silence. “I think I might have something.”

The crew all made their way to the science station and huddled around the screen. The officer pulled up images and explained that theoretically, under certain conditions, if two quantum fields were opened simultaneously in parallel universes at the same point in time and space a gateway between those two realities could be opened.

“Perhaps the Lieutenant's” the science offer seemed uncomfortable with the word, “... vision, was of such a parallel universe.”

The whole thing seemed so far fetched to him. This all seemed like a lot of speculation, creative physics, and a waste of time on what Jorey was beginning to believe as nothing more than his imagination running wild. The team was continuing to discuss the theory and the possibilities. Jorey took a tricorder from the science station and headed back to his chair. He knew it happened when he tried to tap the console on his chair and thought it prudent to scan it.

Nothing. Jorey was becoming more frustrated. It bothered him that the bridge was wasting it's time on his apparent awakening into insanity. Jorey put his elbow on the armrest and laid his forehead into his open hand. He closed his eyes and took a few calming breaths.

“Lieutentant!” The scream from the captain beside him made him jump. “Are you okay?”

Jorey opened his eyes to see a panel from the ceiling on the floor in front of him. There was blood on the corner. He lifted his head and looked down at his open hand to see it dripping with blood. He looked up at the viewscreen to see it filled with Borg vessels.

“Sir,” The young Romulan helmsman turned to face them. “We are no longer able to maintain the quantum field, however it looks like the Borg have created one.”

“I'm picking up another ship,” Koroth shouted from behind them. “It looks like it's coming through... but,” Koroth paused, confused by what the sensors were telling him. “It looks like it's the Perseverance!”

“How can that be Commander...” The Captain was cut short as her ship took another direct hit.

The tactical station behind them lit up in fury of sparks, flashes and smoke as Koroth was thrown back against the wall before falling to the floor. Jorey moved quickly to his beloved friend to help him back up. However, Jorey stood over him silent. Looking down at what was now just a corpse. His entire right side from his waist up had been completely burned away revealing scorched muscle and blackened bone. Jorey collapsed on the floor beside him and took him into his arms.

“Koroth.” he was able to whisper through his tightening throat and painful uncontrollable sobs.

He grabbed him tighter and pressed his tear stained face into his neck. He heard the sounds of more weapons fire and the low pitched screeching of the ship slowly being torn apart. The captain was frantically ordering for all crew to abandon ship, but Jorey just stayed there with Koroth in his arms. He decided the best place for him to be, the best place for him to die, was in the arms of the person he loved most. Jorey could feel and hear a gentle growling from the man in his arms.

“I almost forgot how good you felt.” the Klingon whispered before pulling away and taking a formal stance and tone.

Jorey opened his eyes to find himself standing in the transporter room. No damage. It took him a moment for the fog to clear from his mind.

“The Captain is eager to get this test underway. We will have to catch up on our way there.” Koroth said gesturing toward the door.

Jorey had no idea if what he had seen was real. A premonition or a delusion. He wondered if his turbulent time in Starfleet had finally started to affect his mind. However, he decided that either way, it wouldn't hurt to postpone the test. If that gate were to open maybe they would be sent to a parallel universe to die with their counterparts or worse all those Borg ships would enter into their reality.

“You trust me, Imzadi?” Jorey asked sweetly.

"With my life." Koroth said in heartwarming tone, stepping in with concern and purpose.

"No need for Klingon dramatics." Jorey smirked, as he walked past him toward the exit. "Imagine! Everyone thinks that Betazoids are over the top!"

Lt. JG Brayden Jorey

USS Tiger-A

Chief Helm Officer & CAG

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