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September & October Writing Challenge

Tony, aka Rouiancet

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Greetings, everyone, and welcome to our second-to-last Writing Challenge of 2013! I'm glad you could stop by, and I hope you'll give this Challenge a read and then decide to enter your story for consideration.

For this Challenge, Will -- the writer behind Lieutenant Ben Livingston and the winner of the July & August "Under My Skin" Challenge -- would like you to consider the topic "What Will Come." The Challenge dares you to consider the implications of action -- or perhaps of inaction -- upon the future, if you prefer, but remember that in Trek, what will come is not necessarily always in the future. Certainly, with the developments in 118 fleet in the past year or so, including the Small War with the Klingons in last year's blockbusters, the resurfacing of the Iconian gateways in this year's, and the recent addition of slipstream travel to many ships in the fleet, "what will come" has never been muddier. However, that's up to you to determine, and the judges look forward to receiving your entries!

The deadline for this Challenge is Friday, October 25th, and as of today, Monday, September 2nd, this Challenge is open!
As always, please remember:
*Your work must be completely original.
*You must be the sole author of the work.
*Your story must take place in the Star Trek universe, but may not center upon canon characters.
*Sign your final draft as you would a post on your ship.
*Your story must be between 300 and 3000 words.
For any questions you might have, remember that you can always post questions to this thread or visit the Writing Challenge website.
Good luck!
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Thank you to everyone who entered! The Challenge is now over. Judges will be able to announce a winner by November 1st!

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