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Star Trek: Renegades

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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A professionally produced pilot episode for a possible Star Trek online series is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Check it out:


Funding closes in 13 days.

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Star Trek Renegades are a great group of people. So are the Farragut folks. :)

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They've finished the pilot, set for a July 2015 release. The prior cast members and new/former crew have been working diligently hard to present this to CBS, and having seen some of the footage and what they did this time (this is the same group that worked with Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2008) - they were on a limited budget so the quality wasn't as great, but they had a solid story), Renegades is on par with the production quality of the films, and I for one hope that CBS picks this up. I find inspirational when cast members from various ST television shows come together and continue to create stories, original stories, within the Star Trek universe. Very much in line with what the bulk of the people here do. ;)

And yes, I am a Star Trek: Renegade. :P

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Hello all Starbase 118 crewmates. I'd like to bring you the link to the Star Trek: Renegades pilot for all of us to see. Please follow this link:

This will become an independent web fan series. That means that CBS or Paramount won't be supporting it and it'll be done with the donations from anyone around the world via donations. Their intention is to produce one episode each month, but there's still a date for the first one after this pilot. So we'll have to check their facebook oficial page for news about it.

Let's see what they've come up with, for us.

Hope you enjoy it.

Cmdr. Marcus Dickens

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