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Lt Yael & Lt Cmdr Nugra - Counselors

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Counselor’s Office - USS Thunder-A ))
:: Counselors. It was a word that not only made him irritated, but resigned to the fact that they were an integral part of Star Fleet. The human capacity to care for their people both mentally, physically, and emotionally was impressive; Nugra felt that it was sometimes too much. ::
:: Now he stood in front of the counselor’s door for the dreaded annual appointment which he had to attend. The one back on Starbase 118 while applying to join Star Fleet a third time was as painful as a poisoned Vss’Kot blade. ::
:: Ringing the bell on the side of the door, he awaited for entry. ::
:: Inside the office, Ashley had prepped for his sessions of the day already, and was relaxing over his second cup of tea for the morning. Camomile, caffeine free. Except his cup was a coffee mug... a bit larger and heavier than a tea cup, and easier to handle. Far less unsteadiness as he set it atop his desk, sliding his hands behind his back in that formal way he tended to, a casual smile lightening the severity of the posture. ::
Yael: It’s open.
:: Stepping inside, Nugra nodded. ::
Nugra: Lieutenant Commander Nugra here for the 0930 appointment.
:: He handed the PADD to him. ::
Nugra: If you could sign the clearance, I can get back to my duties.
:: Taking the PADD offered to him... making certain to have several inches space between his hand and the one holding the PADD... he held it in hand for a moment, smiling with the slightest amusement at the very direct attempt to circumvent the session Nugra was here for, and set the PADD unsigned atop the desk. ::
:: Nugra watched as the PADD got set down and his eyes narrowed. It continued to prove that counselors all counselors were annoying. ::
:: Purple eyes lifted and settled on the silver-eyed Gorn, who stood a good deal taller than himself. In fact, Lieutenant Commander Nugra outweighed him drastically as well, and cut what normally would have been an intimidating figure. But being small of stature did not mean being a pushover, and Ashley kept his casual smile in place. ::
Yael: Lieutenant Ashley Yael. ::pause:: Please, Commander. Make yourself comfortable.
Nugra: oO Comfortable? I’m in a mind bender’s office Oo
:: He sat down without a vocal word. ::
Yael: ::sitting, remaining straight up, opening Nugra’s file on his computer:: I’ve been going over your records. Overall, you appear to be a straight-laced, dependable officer.
:: He kept eyes on Nugra, watching for any response the Gorn might have. Species such as his were far harder to read directly, but it was not impossible when one knew what to look for. ::
:: He listened carefully to the man’s words. Overall, was the operative one here. Was Yael suggesting something else? He hated these mind games. ::
Nugra: I pride myself on that.
Yael: You’re a fan of the martial arts, isn’t that right?
Nugra: I do enjoy a bout or two. I am fluent in quite a few different forms from over the galaxy.
:: That was a point of pride for him. Able to defend the ship from weapons to bare claws. ::
Yael: And what do you do when you are *not* on duty, or otherwise training?
:: What was the man up too? Nugra shifted ever so slightly in his chair. ::
Nugra: I focus on logic training through chess, use my holodeck program to improve my reaction time, and sleep.
:: Ashley was aware that the answers weren’t exactly deep introspection, but the Gorn appeared to be rather stern, or at the least unwilling to expand on the conversation. This in itself told the counselor a few things. But that wouldn’t cut it if Nugra wanted his signature on that data padd. So he dove into something a touch closer to home. ::
Yael: And your family? How are you getting on with them? Or should I say, how are you doing aboard... especially as you are the only member of your species aboard.
Nugra: They’re dead.
Yael: ::eyebrows pushing upward:: Oh...? I’m sorry. ::beat:: If you don’t mind my asking?
:: The question was clear. ::
Nugra: My brother was killed in Star Fleet, my family has disowned me and so by Gorn law and tradition they are dead.
::It was difficult to keep the bitterness out of his voice. ::
Yael: That is quite... unfortunate. There were problems, I take it, within the family?
:: The Denobulan certainly wasn’t giving up at the sudden turn toward the mans tragedy. He could hear the bitterness behind the words... it was still raw territory. The fact that it had come out so easily and so early in their session meant it was at the least on the Gorn’s mind, and something simmering that hot had a tendency to impact behavior. ::
Nugra: Difference in opinion with the Gorn Civil War.
:: He was not going to volunteer anymore as it was his personal business. ::
Yael: I take it your family was involved in the War. ::sensing an icy reaction to his further probing:: But there’s no need to worry, Commander. I don’t need you to tell me your life story. We’ll just start with your childhood and go from there.
:: A slight smile, though he doubted he’d get one from the Gorn. ::
Nugra: My culture considers our private lives just that. Private. May I ask what this has to do with the Annual? I had one in Star Fleet medical when I re-joined. They found me fit for duty though with a tendency to be to official.
Yael: ::failing to be impressed, but still smiling casually:: Yes, the annual exams do tend to come around now and then. Just about once a year. ::pausing:: I do not require you to tell me anything you do not *want* to tell me, Nugra. But aside the formality, I’m just trying to get to know you a little better. It makes my job infinitely more pleasant, and may well lessen your burden in the matter as well.
:: Lifting the mug of tea, Ashley took a slight drink, holding the mug in both hands carefully. He was having a good day, technically speaking... but it still shook ever so slightly. Almost imperceptibly, before he set it down again. ::
Yael: Though, from the little information I have, it seems you’ve become quite isolated. From your family and your culture. How are you handling that?
:: Nugra listened quietly as he spoke. Out of all the counselors that he had met, Yael was good at dancing around, making him sound like he had a choice, and then bringing the question right back around.
Nugra: Fine.
:: It was unhelpful and it came out before he thought about it. ::
Nugra: oO Krr’Mkk. He’s getting to me. Oo
:: The smile spread slightly as he took in the one word response. If Nugra was anything, he was direct. Perhaps not giving in his answers, but there was no indication of deception, from what Ashley could tell of the Gorns expressions. What few he had. This would be an interesting challenge, figuring out what made this man function. But there was time for that... this was a simple introduction. ::
Yael: That’s good to hear. ::taking a moment:: Then I suppose it’s going to be chess.
:: He nodded affirmatively, as if he’d made a decision just then. ::
Nugra: Excuse me?
Yael: I need a partner. Terribly difficult to find anyone of late who plays.
Nugra: Then you’re decent at it?
Yael: ::leaning forward slightly:: Oh... I’m decent. Three tiered or flat plain?
Nugra: Either. I prefer flat plain as it’s easier to carry around. Three tiered is a newer variant of the ancient game.
Yael: A very steady officer, focused, highly trained. I imagine you’d make a marvelous opponent. In a game of chess or in the field. And you have seen action, most recently the Klingon invasion. Why don’t you tell me about your experience then?
Nugra: Why?
Yael: Why not?
Nugra: I don’t see how my actions in the Klingon Invasion have bearing on this line of questioning.
Yael: I didn’t ask about your actions, Nugra. I asked about your experience. I assume you joined the fight?
:: Nugra’s mind went back to his first arrival to Duronis II with the Klingon invasion in full swing and the dead ships in orbit. ::
Nugra: Yes, I was part of a team that participated in liberating the embassy from the Klingons and Orions.
:: Nugra thought about to that action and decided he might as well give the Counselor something. ::
Nugra: I do sometimes get concerned on the... :: he didn’t know how to phrase it without sounding like a monster. :: ...ease and efficiency killing came to me.
Yael: ::nodding:: Anyone involved in such a violent action is bound to wonder, concerning their actions, their behavior. Why they did what they did, how they did it. Would you say your actions there were perhaps... more extreme, than you might have normally taken? The situation was quite dire, I realize.
Nugra: It wasn’t method, but the ease that concerns me.
::Sinking without hesitation into his next question. ::
Yael: And how many did you kill?
Nugra: Six.
Yael: Yet, every one of them was done out of necessity.
:: He kept keen purple eyes on the Gorn, watching for hints of distress or other reactions as he continued. ::
Yael: And because of your actions, you saved the lives of others. Didn’t you?
Nugra: Of course.
Yael: So for all the downfalls of your battles, you could say they were... if still violent... but they were honorable pursuits, am I right?
:: Something strange, coming from the mouth of a pacifist. ::
Nugra: Killing isn’t honorable as more duty. The people needed protecting and that is what I have sworn to do. My concern is how it is becoming easy for me to kill. My report does mention the War of the Singularity.
Yael: I’m not familiar with that conflict.
:: This was said in a tone that was hopeful Nugra would explain more to him. That was about the first thing the Gorn had offered up without a verbal battle, so it was clearly important. … as if the impact of *any* war wasn’t important... ::
Nugra: It was a battle in a temporal anomaly around the planet Dekthos on the edge of Gorn space in the unexplored regions. My fleet was trapped for 200 years with an enemy fleet. We fought to the last man with no quarter and no mercy.
Yael: That... sounds absolutely dreadful. oO Even for a skilled fighter, who survives that sort of situation... intact? Oo
Nugra: My estimate in how many I killed for Star Fleet’s report was...conservative...It wasn’t a dozen as I mentioned.
:: The number was something he hated. He wished he could lose count. ::
Nugra: I killed four hundred and fifty eight in single combat, many more in ship to ship combat.
:: Four hundred, fifty eight, and then some. Plus six more. So the Klingon invasion was just a dash in the mix. ::
Yael: It appears you are a Gorn with many secrets. ::pausing:: That’s okay, we’ve all got ours... but... these things are massive. You’ve been in several extremely serious, life threatening events. You don’t have to harbor them alone.
:: Nugra wanted to let out a sardonic chuckle. Life threatening events. Yes, he had been through quite a few. Traveling to the mirror universe, being attacked by an alien probe when he first joined the Gorn Fleet, facing war of 200 years. They were becoming almost expected now. ::
Nugra: It is my issue, my actions. I do not see the need to involve anyone else in it.
Yael: I understand the instinct. To keep it to yourself, to not involve others. It’s cleaner that way. At least, for a while. But then you realize, maybe not all at once, that it’s impacting you still. A dream here. A flash of memory there. One thing leads to another, and suddenly you’re living each day with those events on the edge of your mind. Becoming a perpetual threat to your mind, now that it’s no longer a threat to your life.
Nugra: I see...and what do you suggest is the remedy for so many nightmares? oO I bet it’s something pansy and human like. Oo
:: It wasn’t exactly a full admission, but Nugra’s interest and reference to nightmares... whereas he had said dreams, the Gorn had advanced it to nightmares... led him to believe he was on the right track, so he dove into it. Though, he kept a keen eye on the Gorns responses, just in case he was pushing too far. ::
Yael: To begin with, I would suggest a full round of memory-engram treatment, via sickbay. It is a series of hypos over a few weeks duration that can help aid with disconnecting the fear from the events in your memory. It’s hormonally based, I believe... it is not remedy in and of itself, but it can aid the process of breaking down the roots that have grown. It can help to curb the nightmares.
Nugra: Interesting choice, though most engram therapy I am familiar with is designed for mammals. The Federation does not have that many reptilian species in their membership.
Yael: The process works well for mammalian species. I don’t know that it’s been adapted for Gorn, but there’s no reason we can’t ask Doctor Derrida to try and adapt it to your physiology.
Nugra: And after that?
Yael: After the series... assuming you agree to them of course... we begin other methods, as you see fit. ::pausing:: The one thing we do *not* do, Nugra... is ignore it. Let it fester. Believe me, the sound of treatment may seem annoying and intrusive, but no more so than the breaking down of your ability to function in the future. Which, if you *are* suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you may well be heading toward. Beyond that, there are several means we can try via psychotherapy, which would be my specialty.
Nugra: You have some interesting suggestions.
Yael: I suggest nothing more than taking it by the horns and wrestling it to the ground, as you would any other enemy. You would not ignore a man with a weapon standing behind you, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Do not ignore this.
Nugra: I am listening to you, Counselor. Your plans are a good idea though we might have to skip the memory engram part of it.
Yael: Oh? And why is that?
:: There was no hostility to the question, just curiosity. ::
Nugra: Well, one of my many “exciting” life moments was when I was a Senior Ensign in the Gorn Space Navy, I was attacked by an alien probe. It was trying to remove all my memories.
Yael: ::an eyebrow rising:: And no doubt you are now more protective of such things.
Nugra: Our doctor designed a substance based on a narcotic that would lock my memories in place. It worked and saved my mind from being drained, but it rendered all engram memory modifications impossible. I remember everything now. So, we’ll probably have to handle this the old fashion way.
Yael: I see. More protective than I thought. ::smiling lightly:: Then the engram treatment will have to go to the wayside. But I’m glad to see you’re willing to explore the process. The old fashioned way takes more time, but can be just as effective, so long as you take it seriously.
Nugra: No promises, but I’m willing to give it a shot.
Yael: All that in mind, I’d have to call this a productive annual evaluation. ::his smile returned to him:: It will be my pleasure to help you however I can, Commander. If you do find yourself having trouble, I am “on call,” so to speak. Denobulans don’t need a lot of sleep, so consider it 26-7.
Nugra: I will remember that, I usually only need four hours myself.
:: Ashley set dual fingertips to the data PADD sitting before him on his desk, giving his approval and applying it to Nugra’s formal file. ::
Yael: I’ve given you the go-ahead. Consider yourself approved for duty.
:: The gorn nodded taking the PADD and he made his way to the door. ::
:: Ashley stood as Nugra stood, and he set his hands behind his back, standing straight. There was one last thing to cover before they parted ways... something Nugra might not expect, but needed to be said. ::
Yael: Before you go, one last thing, Commander...
Nugra: Yes?
Yael: When I take an officer off duty, I do so for very specific... and vital... reasons. I have that authority, as ships counselor. ::pausing just slightly:: When I do this, it is not done lightly or without serious consideration for all parties involved, and that includes the senior staffs need for all posts to remain filled and active during our endeavors.
:: Nugra waited silently as the man continued. ::
Yael: When you put Mc Ghee on light duty, you negated my authorization in the matter... and to my knowledge, without a full understanding of the situation concerning his removal from duty. ::pausing again, letting it sink in:: Though I understand you found his involvement necessary, if you negate my authority in such a manner a second time, I will find it necessary to file a formal complaint with the chain of command.
:: The entirety of this last comment was said without an ounce of hostility or ire. It was simply what he would have to do. It was only that he hoped Nugra would take his comment on the matter to heart, and not repeat the maneuver a second time, saving them any formal strife. It was his way of asserting his authority in the matter without being aggressive. ::
Nugra: Lieutenant, I understand your words, but you should realize that one, you were not stationed here when i relieved him of duty hence your authority was never challenged. Two, there are quite a number of capable people who have and did perform in his shoes while he was absent, and three, I’d rather have the ship without an engineer than commanded by a man who chose to abandon his post and his crewmates.
:: Nugra turned to the door and then stopped. ::
Nugra: oh, and my actions were approved by the captain when I presented the evidence and last I remembered, your authority stops when the captain makes her decision.
Yael: Commander, the Captain left the ship before I could report to her concerning Mc Ghee’s status. Her being out of reach does not negate my authority. And if you’ll recall, I am one of the few people on this ship that has the authority to take even the *Captain* off duty. ::pausing:: But I’m not interested in debating the issue. I am simply informing you of the slight, and my actions should it occur again. My authority in the chain of command is not a matter of discussion, and I expect you to abide by that chain of command, as I expect of the entire senior staff.
:: There was still an absolute lacking of any hostility. They clearly disagreed on the boundaries of their stations, but Ashley wouldn’t let that professional disagreement become a personal one. But the fact that Nugra had no idea the danger he’d put them... and the Romulans... in by ignoring the counselors authority couldn’t be an argument he used aloud. Not if he wanted to maintain Jaxon’s medical privacy. ::
Yael: Aside that, feel free to disagree as you please.
:: No doubt the crews time without a counselor had led them to believe his post was not necessary... or that it was necessary to respect it. That would be a flock of birds he recaged from free-flight, crewman by crewman if need be. ::
:: War with every crewman wasn’t necessary and the Gorn decided to bow out of this fight until he knew more about the counselor's position. ::
Nugra: I will heed you for now, Lieutenant.
:: With that, he left. ::
Lt Cmdr Nugra
Deck Officer
USS Thunder-A
Embassy, Duronis II
Lt. Ashley Deneve Yael
USS Thunder-A
Embassy, Duronis II
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