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Major Parker - The Road to kal'Hyah is not Paved...

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Holodeck, Duronis II Embassy ))
:: Hannibal stood with his wedding party, standing in the mouth of a cave, which was lit with torches going deep into its interior The six humans, and one massive Klingon prepared to make a quasi- perilous journey together, one undertaken by countless Klingons and a few humans. The journey would test them all, as it was designed to do, and test their endurance. Ha'Rouque stood before them, with a knowing glance between Hannibal and him. The journey was about to begin... ::
:: After receiving the invitation to this very Klingon ritual and considering what had occurred during the invasion, Jaxon had been reserved about taking Joel along with him. Even so, as Hannibal had said, Joel was more a man than lad and so the Welshman had sought his son's opinion on joining them. He wasn't really surprised that Joel had been eager, almost proud that his uncle chose him worthy to join the other adults for this ceremony.
Jaxon did however notice that upon entering the holodeck, some of this eagerness seemed to evaporate as Joel saw the large Klingon warrior standing with Hannibal. He wasn't sure if other noticed, all the same Jaxon casually maneuvered himself next to his son and gave his shoulder a fatherly squeeze. Two pairs of blue eyes caught for a moment, conveying more than words could have in twice the time. ::
Ha'Rouque: Today is a new beginning. We travel a road in celebration of the union of a member of our house. It will be difficult, and will test your courage in ways you have not imagined. We share its difficulties together, and we celebrate in song. Each of you will find something unique on your journey, but once finished, it is an experience which you will keep with you the rest of your lives. Prepare yourselves for the journey...::
:: Hannibal looked at the ones he had chosen to make the journey with him, and they all looked back at him...::
Parker: Thank you all for coming. I know this will not be easy, which means much to me. I am in your debt...
::Rhul shook his head; whether or not this was easy or difficult, it was for Hannibal and he was prepared to go to whatever lengths were necessary to see them through to the end of the ceremony.::
Tallis: Not at all, Hannibal. No debt necessary.
::Diego wasn't entirely sure he shared the Bajoran ambassador's gung-ho approach, but he was certainly prepared to endure the road to kal' Hyah for a friend. Not only that, but his competitive side was telling him that failing to make the cut just wasn't an option.::
Herrera: ::Looking at Tallis:: Hey, you can write it off if you want, Ambassador, but I intend to collect a bottle or two of blood wine once this is all said and done.
:: Jaxon looked to his son and still seeing the faint signs of tension only a parent could read, chose to answer for both of them. ::
Mc Ghee: I think I can speak for us both :: indicating to Joel :: by saying it is an honor to walk this path with you.
:: Joel looked to his adoptive uncle and nodded in silent consent. ::
Vess: Of course Ah'd be here.
:: The cave was hot, humid as they began their descent deeper into the cave. HaRouque and Hannibal began to sing as they travelled to their first challenge...::
:: Ha'Rouque and Hannibal sang the song twice, and as they started for the third time, everyone was getting into the act. Following the two giant men into the cave, Jaxon and Joel quickly picked up the words and joined in. Having Welsh roots meant both had an appreciation for songs for the occasion; many Welshmen could still sang the ancient national anthem from 1856. ::
:: They came to their second challenge..their first, deprivation, they were currently undergoing. Most of them had had no food or water in at least a day...with the second challenge facing them, they stopped in what appeared to be an open area, essentially a room with bare rock walls. Ha' Rouque gathered them all in a circle, and spoke to them...::
Ha'Rouque: This is a trial of blood. We shed blood to defeat our enemies, and we shed blood to bind ourselves together in brotherhood. Who shall be first to shed their blood to bind themselves to the other?
:: Hannibal was first to step forward::
Parker:: In a loud, proud voice:: I shall be first to bind ourselves together....
:: Drawing his dak' tar, Ha'Rouque took Hannibals' outstretched hand, and made a cut, just deep enough for the blood to flow over the knife..::
Ha'Rouque: Our blood flows together to become one, united against our enemies. :: Looking at the rest of the contingent:: Who shall be next to join us?
:: Rhul was next. He stepped forward proudly and offered his hand to Ha'Rouque.::
Tallis: I shall be second!
::He wasn't entirely sure if that was the appropriate response or wasn't. Jaxon stepped up right alongside him, ready to be next in line. He didn't flinch when the knife cut him; he had endured pain worse than that.::
::Jaxon watched the ambassador let his palm be ritually cut before also offering his own hand to the large Klingon Warrior. The stabbing bite of the blades passing through his flesh brought memories of past knife-fights, but strangely enough not of the night on Duronis; S'Caan had always been the better fighter of the two Mc Ghee's.::
::Joel felt the uneasiness in him rise the very moment he saw Hannibal willingly hold out his hand for the Klingon to cut into. Then another man did the same and so did his dad and none showed signs of hesitance. When the huge Klingon man came to Joel, the teenager looked up at the warrior and he knew ritual, friendship and family presence still couldn't wipe away his anger and slight fear at standing unarmed opposite an armed Klingon.::
Jaxon watched his son and his hesitance, resisting the urge to place a hand on his shoulder, certain the display of support wouldn't be appreciated. Joel held out a hand, its slight trembling vanishing as the Klingon grasped it tightly. Jaxon noted that Ha'Rouque performed the ritual more swiftly than with him or the others and suspected the Klingon was responding to Joel's reluctance. ::
::Each of them took their turns in the bloodletting, with Joel being initially resistant... his near- death experience with the Klingons not too long ago was clearly bothering him... one of the reasons Hannibal wanted him to come was to lose his fear..and to accept that not all Klingons were intent on killing him... Hannnibals' hand stung from where the knife cut him, but that was part of the trial...::
::Alucard's hand stung slightly, and he glanced down at the slight cut across his palm. There was almost no blood. Already it was starting to close up, as the advanced platelets afforded to him by his genetically engineered heritage rapidly fought the intrusion into his body.::
Vess: ::Glancing around.:: oO What will these crazy Klingons come up with next?Oo
::Diego had ended up being last in the queue, more by virtue of physical position than by specific choice. The Klingons' propensity for swapping blood through used knives didn't strike him as particularly hygienic, but he was confident his immune system would be able to handle it. He held out his palm to take part in the ritual, feeling the bite of the knife and the sensation of his blood running down the edge of his palm.::
:: As each trial was undertaken, Hannibal was more than resolved to finish it. Having been through it once before was still not enough preparation for a second trial...it was the same, yet different. Each trial he and his shipmates undertook let him know above all else, he had friends who were more than able to stand the rigors, and even Joel bore up well to the multitude of discomforts being thrown at team. He was proud of them all..they were sweaty, dirty, and exhausted..but their eyes spoke their true spirit...they would not be broken. and they were persevere. Once they reached the end of their journey, Ha'Rouque saluted them all...::
Ha'Rouque: Congratulations! We have arrived at kal'Hyah! You have all done well. Now...we prepare to eat, drink, and enjoy the evenings' entertainment:: Looking at Hannibal:: I hope you have the strength left to enjoy the delights I have brought to you....
:: Without missing a beat, Hannibal spoke up.....::
Parker: A little bloodwine and I will be just fine! Bring on the evenings' entertainment... I might even be better able to enjoy... and sustain...
:: Hannibals' Starfleet shipmates gave him a dubious look::
Herrera: Maybe some water, first? We're all pretty dehydrated and even if you do tick the box of colossus on your medical forms, blood wine in your current state is quite likely to knock you out, rather than spur you on.
::Diego didn't want to be a killjoy; the idea of Hannibal passing out part way through his bachelor party was something he was sure wouldn't be particularly palatable to the big man.::
Tallis: I have to say that I'm with Captain Herrera on this one. It's my job to make sure you stay in one piece for the wedding, right?
::Rhul still wasn't entirely sure what he made of Diego Herrera. He seemed awfully laid back and casual to be worthy of wearing four pips, but in this case he couldn't deny that he had a point.::
Vess: Ah'll make that a third. Drink some water.
Parker: It will be fun....and also, another test....
Jaxon: Another test?
Joel: I hope it will not be as hard as these were....
:: As they all left the holosuite, they knew it would soon be converted into the banquet hall for the “other†bachelor party..::
Parker: We be back here in an hour, gentlemen...prepare to enjoy yourselves!
::Rhul nodded. An hour would be enough time for him to prepare for the evening and check in with Toni. Diego, meanwhile, figured that an hour would be just enough time to rehydrate and check up on the work he had been doing before he started out on the path to kal' Hyah. He wished he could give Hannibal's wedding celebrations his full attention but had been glad he could take part so far.::
Parker: Don't drink too much water! We will have much more to consume!!!!
JP by:
Fleet Captain Diego Herrera
USS Vigilant
Ambassador Tallis Rhul
Duronis II Embassy
Ensign Jaxon Mc Ghee
Engineer, USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
Joel Mc Ghee
Commander Alcuard Vess
First Officer, USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/ Marine Commander/ Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/Duronis II Embassy
Adjutant to Chancellor Martok
Imperial Klingon Empire
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