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Tyr Waltas- Self Defeat

Jack Stavins

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((Security Office, USS Discovery))

::He had spent the time from releasing the monks into Westerbridge's custody
until now organizing Security details and reforming the patrols to protect
the critical areas of the ship. Still humiliated at his failure and his
complicity earlier, the Gorn was silent and morose throughout the process,
despite Daisha's attempts to cheer him up or to comfort him. He snapped
orders out of his massive maw and his tone left no room for debate. For the
Gorn, friendship was everything. His friendship with Tyr and the subsequent
loyalty that friendship provided had been shattered with one uttered chant
from the blasted monks. More than once he had considered snapping Ishtahr's
neck-the only thing that kept him from it was that he would not do any
further damage to his already-tarnished reputation.::

DAISHA: Ghyurn, Dad said it's over. Stop pining.

GHYURN: Tyr may have forgiven me, Daisha, but I have not forgiven myself.

DAISHA: We can't be strong all of the time, Ghyurn. There will always come a
time when we need help from someone. Even you aren't invincible.

GHYURN: I never claimed to be. But I claimed to be Tyr's friend. And I would
have killed him had the monks ordered me to. Those two thingssss do not

DAISHA::Sitting on the edge of the desk, sharpening the wakizashi:: So what
good are you?

::He paused, looking up from the terminal screen for the first time, his
yellow reptilian eyes locking on to the dark ones possessed by his best
friend's daughter.::

GHYURN: Excuse me?

DAISHA: What good are you, if you won't forgive yourself and you think
you're a failure? What kind of a friend can you be, if you truly believe
that? Can you defend this ship, its crew, your family, your friends, if you
truly believe you're a failure? Can you live with believing that every
moment you will betray them if the right singing monk comes along?

GHYURN: I don't know.

DAISHA: There are things that we can't control in this lifetime, Ghyurn.
You've been out here almost as long as Dad has. You KNOW that's true. No
matter how powerful, loyal, or faithful you are, something comes along to
remind you that you ARE still fallible. ::Snorting:: Life seems to have gone
out of its way to remind ME of that.

GHYURN: It's not that sssimple.

DAISHA: I'm not saying it is. But you've already been beaten by the monks.
Do you really want to be defeated again, by yourself?

::The Gorn sat back in his chair, gazing at the young woman who, in spite of
her youth, had harnessed her father's wisdom in the last few years. She had
grown from an impulsive, aggressive brat of a child to a thoughtful and
beautiful young woman. And he loved her, as he would a sister. As he loved
Tyr as a brother. Strength from that love flowed through him, and his tail
swished thoughtfully.::

GHYURN: You are much wiser than you look.

DAISHA::Scrunching up her face:: And you're a lot smarter than YOU look. Now
quit sulking and let's get this ship back together. ::Adding:: Sir.

GHYURN::Smiling a toothy smile, he stood:: Indeed.

::The comm channel interrupted any further discussion.::

WESTERBRIDGE:: =/\= Westerbridge to Ghuyrn =/\=

GHUYRN: =/\= Ghyurn here. =/\=

WESTERBRIDGE: =/\= Monks have used some mental powers to overwhelm the
security force members in the cargo bay one. The monks have escaped the
cargo bay one, and they took some security weapons with them. =/\=

::The furious hiss of the Gorn sent chills down the spines of all who were
in the Security wing.::

GHUYRN: =/\= My command codesss. I gave the monks control. =/\=

WESTERBRIDGE: =/\= I and security officers became unconscious. I already
initiated full security alert to neutralize the monks. The monk are likely
trying to take over the ship again. =/\=

GHUYRN: =/\= No. They will run. They know we can nullify them. I will alert
the bridge. Are you alright? =/\=

WESTERBRIDGE: =/\= I am suffering from headache now, and we need medical
treatment. =/\=

GHUYRN: =/\= Head for sickbay and get checked out. I will deal with the
monkssss. =/\=

WESTERBRIDGE: =/\= Yes, sir. Right away, sir =/\=

::Calling up the system log, he saw the Discovery cripple a shuttle and then
transport it down to the surface. Realizing this was more than likely the
shuttle containing the monks, he sighed.::

GHYURN: They are on the surface. Unfortunately alive.

DAISHA: We should secure them before they can cause any more mischief.

GHYURN: Agreed. We'll monitor from here and transport down once they've
secured the wormhole.

::The Gorn glared at the tiny blip on sensors, silently wishing that the
monks would be consumed by the heat of the desert, or even better, by their
beloved wormhole.::

Commander Ghyurn

Chief of Security

USS Discovery


Lieutenant JG Daisha Waltas

Security Officer

USS Discovery

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