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Harley the Basset hound (Ens. Mek): Sniffing Around

Bryce Tagren-Quinn

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(( USS Tiger-A: Transport Docking Bay ))


:: Harley the Basset hound was not happy. He had been contained in a Starfleet-issue kennel for small- to medium-sized mammals and was waiting for someone--anyone--to come back and play or feed him or SOMETHING. Despite his notoriety as an Olympic-class sleeper, he was not in the least bit tired. He hadn't seen Master in what seemed like an eternity (but had really just been the better part of a couple of days, since dogs can't tell time). ::

Harley: ROOOOOOOOOOO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! oO If I make lots of noise maybe someone will let me out of here. Oo

:: A stern looking man's head leaned down and looked into the kennel and said something. ::

Man: 2l3j45lfdo0sjvl23j4;rgjdfvpw;


:: Harley [...]ed his head. Something was happening, as the crate seemed to be moving--he lost his balance for just a brief moment. The opening of the crate--which Harley had very quickly learned wasn't an opening at all, but was covered with some sort of weird invisible forcefield that did NOT feel good (it had zapped his little nose)--was now swinging towards big doors and moving forward. ::

Harley: oO A ride! We're going for a ride! Oo

:: Settling into the crate, which Harley could not see was being moved via an anti-grav sled, he watched with interest as the corridors whooshed by. Ultimately they arrived at a set of doors. The man spoke again.

Man: 234lkjsdfjv;ldkjflsdjfljvbl;djkglsdjfsfljsdfl;s

:: The doors whooshed open, the crate moved in, and Harley saw what looked like a flash of light as the forcefield was turned off. He sniffed tentatively. ::

Harley: oO It smells like Master in here, maybe just a little bit… Oo

:: Harley hesitantly poked his head out of the kennel and saw the man who had been pushing the kennel. He was poking at one of those flat tablet things that Master was always using. Looking around, Harley saw what he recognized as Master's bag--and so he flopped out of the kennel and trotted over to give it a sniff just to confirm what he already knew. ::

Harley: Wuff.

:: As he sniffed around the new quarters, which Mek had visited very briefly just moments prior, Harley didn't notice that the strange man had reactivated the anti-grav sled and taken the crate away. And like that, the doors to the quarters slid shut--and Harley was alone. Fortunately, Master had put out his bed--a battered foam pillow--and a bowl of food and water, including… ::

Harley: oO CHEESE!!! Oo

:: As fast as his short little legs would allow, Harley trotted to the bowl and savored the aroma of the big hunk of cheese that Mek had topped his bowl of kibble with… for about two seconds before devouring it in two swallows. Satisfied that no one was going to take his kibble, Harley plopped into his bed and promptly fell asleep. ::

(( OOC: Harley is on board! He would've arrived shortly after Mek left to see the captain in her Ready Room. His two greatest loves: Food, and sleeping. ))

USS Tiger-A

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