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LtCmd Solok -- Drowning


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((Promenade, Starbase 118))

::He lay there, dying.::

(( --> Flashback, Stardate 231706.04 -- ))

((Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Earth))

:: He lay there, dying.::

::Edwin Purdy, a Terran boy with whom Solok had become familiar through his attendance at advanced science lectures in the Vulcan community there, called out at the top of his lungs.::

Purdy: Medic!

((Promenade, SB118, The Present))

Rogers: Medic !

((Ocean Beach, S.F., Earth, The Past))

Purdy: Anyone, please! A doctor -- call a doctor! ::He leaned down over the Vulcan boy.:: I don't think he's breathing! Help!

::Purdy and Solok had been strolling along the beach, discussing the most recent lecture on temporal mechanics, of which Solok had clearly understood more than he was letting on. Purdy enjoyed his conversations with Solok, despite the fact that he was pretty sure Solok did not -- Solok didn't enjoy anything, really. But he walked along the beach with Purdy anyway, explaining the bits of the lecture that were most confusing.::

::On their walk, some older boys had blocked their path, sneering and demanding that Solok go home to Vulcan -- pretty ordinary stuff, actually, for non-human teenagers living on Earth. This time, however, Solok had not done what he had always counseled Edwin was the most logical thing to do -- ignore, acquiesce, depart. Rather, Solok had talked back to the older boys -- after suggesting Edwin leave to save himself -- and, as such matters unfortunately often do, the encounter became violent. Solok held his own, administering the Vulcan nerve pinch to one of the boys, but two others had managed to grab Edwin and half-drag, half-carry him to the end if a jetty jutting out into the sea. Solok followed. When they dumped Purdy unceremoniously off the end into the near freezing water, Solok rushed them -- but misjudged his position. One of the boys thrust a leg out in front of the running Vulcan, tripping him before he could stop himself, and Solok fell head first into the water himself.::

::It wouldn't have been a problem, but as he feel, Solok's head came down hard against one of the pilings supporting the jetty. The blow knocked him unconscious, and he sank before Edwin -- who, having regained his courage, had busied himself with driving their assailants away -- realized that his friend was in trouble. He pulled Solok from the water onto the shore, but not before he noticed the green blood trickling from Solok's temple and the fact that he didn't seem to be breathing.::

Purdy: Lifeguard! Medic! ::He turned to face his friend.:: Hang on, Solok --

((University Hospital, S.F., Earth))

::Solok awoke to find himself in a hospital bed with a throbbing headache. Standing over him were his father, Edwin Purdy, and a doctor Solok did not know. He wore a name badge that read "R. Mwangi MD."::

Purdy: He's awake.

Mwangi: Solok? Can you hear me, son?

::Solok nodded. It hurt.::

Mwangi: Good. I am Doctor Mwangi. I've been taking care of you since your accident.

Solok: It wasn't an accident.

::His voice was very quiet, but he spoke matter-of-factly.::

Mwangi: No, I suppose it wasn't. How are you feeling?

Solok: My head ... hurts.

::Mwangi nodded.::

Mwangi: We can take care of that. ::He gestured over his shoulder, and a nurse handed him a hypospray. He injected Solok.:: Just give it a few seconds. In the meantime ... what do you remember?

Solok: I tripped, and fell ...

((Promenade, SB118, The Present))

::Lights flashing. People screaming. Cold. Tired. Three decks down, and then ... dark.::

((University Hospital, S.F., Earth, The Past))

Mwangi: And after that?

Solok: I -- I don't remember.

Purdy: It was awful, Solok. You --

::Solok's father's expression was grim. As usual.::

Spivak: Allow the doctor to speak, Mister Purdy.

::Mwangi gave Purdy an encouraging look before turning to his young patient.::

Mwangi: You hit your head pretty hard on the pier, and inhaled a fair amount of water. If your friend hadn't been there to help ... Frankly, you're lucky to be alive.

Spivak: Vulcans do not believe in luck.

::Mwangi smiled.::

Mwangi: Well, perhaps you should start.

::Solok would hold this moment in a special place in his memory. It was the first time anyone had saved his life -- and the first time anyone had ever contradicted his father in his presence.::

Spivak: Is there anything further, Doctor? Anything having to do with your medical expertise?

Mwangi: No, I don't think so. ::He turned to Solok.:: Get a lot of rest, son. Everything is going to be fine.

((Promenade, SB118, The Present))

Rogers: Hang on Solok help is on the way.

::Solok was almost totally unaware of his surroundings, but even so some part of him understood the gravity of the situation. He could hear Rogers' voice and, opening one eye a crack, could make out a blurry version of the man kneeling beside him. Solok reached out one hand, moving it toward Rogers' face as best he could, relying in large part on Rogers to intuit what was necessary and move closer -- which he did. Solok's trembling fingertips made contact with the crucial points at Rogers' temple and along his jaw, and Solok whispered a few words in Old High Vulcan. They weren't really necessary, but they suited the situation -- and if Solok was going to have the luxury of last words, he thought it proper that they be in the ancient ceremonial tongue of his people.::

::A second later, Solok's hand dropped from Rogers' face. The deed was done. Whatever it was that was Solok, his essence -- his katra -- lived now, too, in Rogers' mind.::

::Within moments, Rogers had moved aside and Sakorra was there, next to him, trying to comfort him. He appreciated that she was there, with him, then.::

Reed: I forbid this, Sa-telsu. You are not allowed to leave.

::Her words were forbidding, but her presence was nothing but supportive. Her fingers had already found those same contact points on Solok's face that Solok had found on Rogers', and when she closed her eyes, she began searching for him, telepathically. With just enough of a hold still on his body, Solok let her find him. There was one message he needed to communicate before whatever happened to him here happened.::

Danzia: First things first, we need to stop the bleeding.

::He wanted to point out to the Counselor that he was past saving, and that expending time and energy on his behalf was illogical -- but he could not. The words wouldn't come, and besides, he was sure he couldn't operate his mouth any more.::

Atimen: Starfleet Security. ::He grumbled, his height overshadowing them.:: Keep your distance or move along. This is a medical emergency.

Danzia: Captain, if you could please find a medkit.

DyAmone: Here. ::She handed the medkit to Danzia and moved in to assist. ::

Danzia: :: letting out a breath :: Thanks.

::Solok watched it all transpire, not as if floating above his body in some Terran out-of-body fantasy, but through Rogers' eyes. It was ... fascinating, naturally.::

Rogers:: Feeling strangely detached Will sat on the deck and watched their efforts to save Solok. He was having trouble seeing clearly and wondered if he had hit his head getting here ?

Danzia: Sakorra, try and get him into a healing trance if you can.

::Solok felt Sakorra reach again into his mind, trying to help, but he stopped her as effectively as if he had laid a hand on her arm to restrain her. He felt her curiosity, her concern, her disbelief, her love. He could see the grief welling up inside of her, still contained but ready to burst forth at any moment. His spirit gentled. He let his mind withdraw fully from his body, severing the mind meld with Sakorra in the process. He exhaled without inhaling again. Every muscle in his body tensed, and then relaxed. And then his heart stopped.::

Lieutenant Commander Solok

Chief Operations Officer
USS Drake

((OOC Note: A few open tags in the original post were filled in ex post facto, so while 99% of the content in this sim belongs to Solok's writer, a handful other Drake crewmembers contributed to the finished product. A few, very very minor, adjustments were made by me to clip the posts together and for clarity, but do not substantially alter the post in any way. --Didrik Stennes))

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