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LtCmdr T'Lea - Romulus Forever


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((USS Avandar, Holodeck One))

:: The afternoon had come quickly. A little too quickly for T’Lea’s liking. She could have used an entire twenty-four hours more to do what she needed to get done, which was basically procrastinate. But the time had come, and ready or not the gathering in the holodeck had begun.::

:: With Gina and T’Sara in tow, T’Lea entered the staging area of what was to be… what the hell….?::

:: She stopped cold as the doors opened to reveal the surface of Romulus.::

:: The silken dark blue dress smoothed against her body as the tepid Romulan wind swept across the deck. T’Lea looked around at the scenery, more than at the people, just to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. She wasn’t. The architecture was distinctly Romulan, so was the foliage.::

:: She was clearly disturbed.::

:: She’d only been to Romulus once and as much as she had tried *not* to like it, and *not* to let it affect her emotionally, it had.::

:: [...] it. Of all the times!::

:: As if this gathering wasn’t going to be difficult enough for T’Lea to get through already. Now… now it was going to be… The word
“impossible” disappeared from her mind when she caught Della’s smile. For T’Lea the Trill’s warm smile could heal a fatal wound.::

:: From across the way, the hybrid reassured the Trill that this was okay with a soft smile of her own. In truth, she had bigger things on her mind than what it meant to stand on Romulus again. Then again, she thought, maybe this was just the perfect setting.::

T’Sara: Wat dis?

:: When T’Lea glanced down at the little girl who had reached for her hand, she raised a sober Vulcan brow, trying to keep her emotions out of her response.::

T’Lea: This would be Romulus. It’s part of who you are.

T’Sara: Wom-u-us.

:: The little girl considered the landscape for a moment, and then considered the pointy-eared male in the group, and then finally her
pointy-eared mother again.::

T’Sara: Wom-u-us has sad?

:: T’Lea glanced down at her little girl and gave her a forlorn smile and squeeze of her tiny hand. It was clear that the empathic child
was picking up some unhappy vibes.::

T’Lea: Yes. It is sad. Come on, let’s go say our greetings.

:: T’Sara held up her free hand in a Vulcan greeting as she toddled alongside her mother.::

T’Sara: Libs long an’ posburb.

T’Lea: That is correct, little nug. Live long…

:: T’Sara’s little feet hurried to keep up with her mother as they cross the grass. The hand she was holding kept her from taking a
tumble, but her legs were getting quite a workout. Luckily, they’d stopped soon enough where the other grown-ups were gathered.::

:: The child stuck her hand up in Vulcan greeting to the grown-ups, and was about to say something, but decided she was bored already and wandered over to a tree.::


Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea
H&A Specialist
USS Avandar

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