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BLUEHEART RAJ - The Hour Is Upon Us

Jack Stavins

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((Cargo Bay 1, USS Discovery-C))

::The cargo bay door was brought down in a fiery show of phaser beams and smoke. Brother Ishtahr turned around swiftly, his eyes filled with venomous rage. Security officers moved silently inside, securing the cargo bay, making the monks restless. All except Ishtahr, who maintained a posture and expression carved from stone.::

WALTAS: ::walking up to the monk:: Brother Ishtahr, so good to see you again.

ISHTAHR: ::voice cold as ice:: Salutations, Captain Waltas. ::He did not bow this time.::

::Rather, he closed his eyes and raised his arms and head heavenwards, chanting loudly and indignantly, the other monks soon joining in. Their combined voices strove to acoustically overpower the shipwide countertone.::

ISHTAHR: ::rapturous voice:: To incur the wrath of Arthfael is to invite Death into your heart and home!! Arthfael is just!! Arthfael is the one true God!! Praise be to Arthfael and his prophets!! Praise be to Arthfael!! Praise be to Arthfael!! Praise be to----

::A clawed hand tightened around his neck.::

GHYURN: I will sssssnap your neck for what you made me do.

::Ishtahr choked and coughed, struggling to pry the claws off of his neck. He was unsuccessful. Yet he smiled. A cold, demented, vicious smile.::

WALTAS: Ghyurn, let him go. He's powerless now.

::The Gorn dropped him and rummaged through his robes to retrieve the Captain's katana. The stranded Bridge crew rematerialized in the cargo bay, dehydrated and sunburnt. His sharp eyes spotted an ancient book in the hands of the First Officer. Despite the apparent defeat, he laughed softly.::

ISHTAHR: oO They think they have all the answers because they have found the book. Fools! Oo It has only just begun! You cannot deny Arthfael!!

::The ship shuddered with an unearthly force. The monks all fell to their knees, praising their chosen

WALTAS: The wormhole..

ISHTAHR: Come, my brothers! Let us pray! The hour is upon us!

::The monks grouped together in a tight circle and whispered hymns and sang canticles. There was no longer a need for hypnotic chants. The proximity of the ship to the wormhole would almost certainly lead to it being swallowed into the vortex. The prophecy would be fulfilled, as it was written.::

ISHTAHR: Pray for your souls, brothers, and for all the souls of our brothers and sisters across the universe. Arthfael will keep us safe in the coming Rapture and lead us to Heaven! We shall watch the Infidels be slaughtered by His wrath!!

::His inhuman cackle echoed eerily across the room. A lonely, desperate cry for help that history would soon forget.::

Brother Ishtahr
Brotherhood of Mikaere
The Temple of Arthfael

as simmed by
Commander Raj Blueheart

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