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July & August Writing Challenge

Tony, aka Rouiancet

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Welcome, my friends, to the July and August Challenge for 2013!

For this Challenge, Ed -- the writer behind Captain Diego Herrera and Ambassador Tallis Rhul and the winner of the May & June "From the Past" Challenge -- would like you to consider the topic "Under My Skin." Now, you may choose to take this expression figuratively and examine its ramifications for one of your staid characters (or, perhaps, an entirely new one); but the beauty of Trek is that you may also choose to get under a character's skin literally, perhaps with some Borg nanoprobes, a Trill symbiont, or something completely unexpected. Whatever you do, the judges look forward to reading your entry!

The deadline for this Challenge is Tuesday, August 27th, which gives you the better part of two months to consider this topic, watch the new movie, and produce your story!

As always, please remember:

*Your work must be completely original.

*You must be the sole author of the work.

*Your story must take place in the Star Trek universe, but may not center upon canon characters.

*Sign your final draft as you would a post on your ship.

*Your story must be between 300 and 3000 words.

As of today, Tuesday, July 2nd, this Challenge is open.

For any questions you might have, remember that you can always visit the Writing Challenge website at http://www.starbase118.net/members/events-activities/writing-challenges/

Good luck!

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This Challenge is now over! The judges are currently donning their special suits of writing achievement and valor, and we hope to have a winner announced in a week or so! Stay tuned....

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