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Colonel Javan Tark(Liam Frost) - Curtains Up

Rykel Rior

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((Vittian Hotel - Izar))

:: It was always the same before an operation began. The feeling that welled up inside as he approached the point of action. The threshold that loomed, unseen, but ever-present and unmistakable. Javan found himself standing on that very line. On the edge of a moment that he had planned for for so long, about to cross a line that could never be uncrossed. He had two choices, turn back, or step forward. And turning back was no longer an option.::

Qad: I don't want to rush you, let me know when you're ready.

Tark: Shouldn't need more than about two minutes.

:: With that, the countdown began. Qad would have two minutes to make the arrangements that they needed. But they had timed it well. She would be in position, and in control of the security systems of the hotel. The entrances would be sealed, and the comm systems in their control. No communication would get in or out of the hotel unless they wanted it to.::

:: He nodded to Bratunk, who pulled out a PADD, entering the commands that would bring the rest of their countermeasures online. They were the ones that would give them leverage. A part of him hoped they wouldn't have to use them, but he would if pressed.::

:: He took one last scan of the room, making careful note of the positions of everyone in the room. He nodded to Tola, and stood, counting down in his head. He made is way to the comm station that he had been directed to. There sat a small container, which he opened. He pulled out a pair of rifles, which he tossed to Tola. He took a third for himself. before they made their way back to the dining room. He approached the entrance once more as he ticked down the last of his countdown.::

:: Three.::

:: Two.::

:: He took a breath on the edge of the door. This was the moment he had waited for. It was the moment that they had been working so hard for, that they had struggled for. He had lost count of how many had given their lives for it, directly or indirectly, but he would never forget that they had. It was for them.::

:: For Leandra.::

:: One.::

:: Tola tossed the extra rifle to Ghain, while Javan raised his, firing into the air to a large lighting fixture. It exploded harmlessly, but with a huge racket. There was instant confusion in the room. People dove for cover, others looked around frantically, trying to figure out exactly what was happening. Which meant it was his moment to make that known.::

Tark: May I have your attention, please.

:: He used his best command voice. Not everyone would recognize it, but there was something about it that commanded attention.::

Tark: You are all about to be held here against you will as prisoners of the Galaran Resistance Front. And for that I apologize. I give you my word that you will not be held any longer than is necessary for us to complete our mission.

:: He gave them all a moment to absorb what he had said. He wondered if any of them might ask anything at first, but there was nothing at first. He watched as one man pulled out what appeared to be some sort of communicator.::

Tark: You will find that all of your communication devices are quite unusable, and all exits sealed. We will control what goes in and out of the building.

:: He nodded to Tola, who pulled out a small device, showing it to the crowd.::

Tark: You should also know that there are bombs in the building. I would ask you to direct your attention the the harbour.

:: He had assumed from the beginning that there might be someone in the room who doubted him, someone who wanted to play hero. He had prepared for that contingency, pointing his rifle at the large window.::

Tark: Captain Bratunk, if you would prepare the demonstration.

Bratunk: With pleasure, Colonel!

:: One of the devices was activated. A boat moored in the harbour was suddenly engulfed in flames as it exploded, rattling the large windows. The shock in the room was, unsurprisingly, palpable.::

Tark: Now, lest any of you think me an unfeeling monster, you should know I went to great lengths to make sure that boat was unoccupied. I just needed you all to know I'm serious. Now, I promise you that, as long as you all co-operate, and my demands are met, you will all be released without harm. If you attempt to resist, there will be... consequences.

Sherana: What do you want to achieve with this demonstration?

:: It was a question he had expected to hear from someone, but not quite so early in the situation. Clearly, whoever had asked it was of an unusually brave caliber. Or too stupid to realize the magnitude of the situation.::

Tark: What do I want?

:: He paused for a moment, mostly for effect.::

Tark: I suppose that's a fair question. From you, nothing. You are all merely a method to get what I want. Which is the attention of the Federation government.

:: He watched each and every face in the room. Some of them seemed to understand what was happening. Others seemed to be more confused than a fish being pulled out of a lake.::

Tark: Now, if you'd all be so kind as to remain seated, I have a few matters to take care of.

:: He pulled out a small device from his pocket, a communicator, which he activated.::

Tark: Miss Qad. If you'd be so kind as to activate the broadcast.

:: He waited for a moment as he waited for the channel to open This one would broadcast over a number of emergency frequencies, where he knew someone would be listening. But it would also broadcast on several public ones as well, which meant that Federation officials would not be able to cover up what was happening. Which is exactly what he wanted. He wanted as many people as possible to hear what he had to say, including his new hostages.::

Qad: /\= You're on. =/\=

Tark: =/\= This is Colonel Javan Tark, of the Galaran Resistance Front. I'm speaking to you from the Vittian Hotel, in the New Seattle colony on Izar. Listen well. I have taken hostages in the hotel. If you cooperate, they will all be released unharmed. Failure to cooperate will result in an unfortunate end. There are also explosives in the hotel. Any attempt at rescue, or to incapacitate me, or any member of my team, will have a similar result. I will be sending another message in exactly ten minutes with my demands. I advise you o be listening carefully. =/\=

:: He looked back at the one who had spoken to him a few moments ago.::

Tark: I suppose I never did properly answer your question.

Sherana: ::nodding:: You indeed did not.

Tark: What I'm looking for... is justice.


Colonel Javan Tark
Galaran Resistance Frost

as simmed by

Commander Liam Frost
Chief of Intelligence
USS Apollo

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