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Lt Col Whale & Lt Cmdr Weston - Namesake


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((The Tea Room, Deck 1046, Starbase 118))

:: Roxy cupped her hands to her mouth, stifling the drawn out 'Awwww' along with the other three young women in the room and Oliver couldn't help but laugh a little. ::

ROXY: He actually named her after you! That's wonderful.

WESTON: :: Leaning forwards in the plush oversized armchair. :: I know. It really is an honour. And she's such a beautiful little thing.

:: Another chorus of swooning followed the description as Roxy, Val, Teria and Xan listened intently to the stories Oliver had been telling of their recent journeys. It was only a grumpy clearing of a throat behind them that turned their attention away from the fire and tales and back to the door. ::

WHALE: She isn't named after you, Spook. It just happens that your name is also lovely and effeminate.

WESTON: Hear that ladies? I'm lovely.

:: Oliver turned and raised his mug in salute to his friend who came into the room on Nyras arm. Like a flock of birds the four girls sprang from the opposite armchair and fluttered each in the turn over to say their hullos and give congratulations, both of which happened to be in the form of light kisses and hugs that David expertly and good naturedly deflected. ::

:: After saying the last of his greetings he allowed himself to be seated across from Oliver and nodded to the overlarge teapot between them. ::

WHALE: I'll have what he's having.

:: It wasn't a moment before another cup appeared and filled. The girls now all settled lightly on the arms of their chairs or in Roxy and Vals case stretched languidly along the plush carpet between the chairs and fireplace. ::

ROXY: So how is Olivia then David?

WHALE: She's well. Healthy and happy and I'm told that's the best I'll ever be able to hope for. So has Oliver been telling you all about our missions then?

JOTT: Oh yes! I can't believe you were actually inside one of those hunting ships! The news bulletin we all saw showed that they were enormous.

WHALE: Well we were in one of the smaller ones for the most part. But tell me. :: He looked over to Oliver with a dark glint of malice. :: If Oliver has told you so much about me, surely he's told you about...


WHALE: ...how his hand was injured on the Ishkarian shards.

WESTON: :: His response was quiet and entirely unheard. Overshadowed completely by the flock rising up at once and shouting in a single voice. :: [...] you for a blackguard.

:: The girls swarmed the spook two to an arm lifting up each and inspecting them thoroughly, only stopping when they found what they were looking for. This was followed instantly by another communal gasp and half a hundred rapid fire questions. David enjoyed the show for a myriad of reasons. One; it made Oliver uncomfortable and that was always priceless. Two; it allowed for him to see in action the diverse personality types of the girls that filled the room. Roxy glowered angrily at the missing fingers, likely trying to kill the person who caused the damage with mind powers she didn't have. Jott, who worshiped Oliver after Dusters, looked on the verge of tears and was petting his arm like it was a lapdog. Teria and Xan were asking questions faster than Oliver could blink, and at the same time no less. And over it all Nyra shook her head at the state of Weston, while Oliver stammered and David laughed and laughed. ::

:: When all of the fretting was done and Oliver was forced to trudge back through the entire story with Priest and his Black Sheep the ladies finally settled back down and after a short time Nyra ushered them all out so the two friends could have a moment of quiet. ::

WESTON: You're evil.

WHALE: I'll stop pointing it out when you stop calling yourself Olivia’s namesake.

WESTON: :: Oliver grinned behind the rim of his mug. :: I'll just get prosthetics. It's too much fun seeing your face when I say it.

WHALE: Looks like we'll be ashore for a while, are you actually going to have something done about it?

WESTON: Mmm, yes I mean to. Fiona actually made me an appointment. I guess she didn't mention it.


WESTON: Yeah, the same specialist that replaced her arm. Apparently the team is top notch.

WHALE: You don't sound thrilled.

WESTON: I'm not...? I don't know, I'd just like to have it over with I guess. It's just that it's been so long like this that I never thought it was ever going to be fixed.

WHALE: Well when it is fixed I have a little something set up for you.

WESTON: I'm in Intelligence, I hate surprises. :: He leaned forward and refilled both of their mugs. :: Tell me everything.

WHALE: Are you still interested in official SAR training?

:: David watched Oliver’s eyes go wide for a moment and he set his tea down. ::

WESTON: Absolutely.

WHALE: Good. We'll start when you feel like your hand can manage it. I have a new Marine attached to the One Oh Third and she's going to train you.

WESTON: That's amazing. I'll let you know as soon as I'm able. :: Oliver raised his glass and tapped it against his friends, then the table and then took a sip. :: It's a good thing you got someone new though. I don't know how you'll have the time with two daughters now.

:: David's tea blew out explosively in a mist between them, and Oliver was berated with questions once again. ::

Lieutenant Colonel David Whale
XO & SAR Commander
USS Drake

Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston
Intelligence Officer
USS Drake

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