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Round 11 Hannibal Parker as MSPNPC Subcommander Tal E'leck - The Watchers


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(( Embassy Grounds ))

:: Tal E'leck was used to watching, but that did not mean he liked it. He was a soldier, and his duty was to protect what was left of the Romulan Star Empire. Part of that duty was to perform surveillance covertly of the Federation and Starfleet forces currently rebuilding their shattered embassy and restoring their grounds. He hated them..their abundance, their seeming joy and resoluteness at restoring what the bastard hated Klingons and their lapdogs from the Orion Syndicate and the religious zealots from the Scarlet Brotherhood had done to their homes and grounds. Himself and three others were assigned to report on their activities and try to find some weakness that could be exploited at a later date.He concerned himself only with his part of the mission, reporting back on what they saw. What he had found out, secreted in a crater hollowed out by pieces of the late USS Thunder after it came slamming into the Laudean atmosphere during the Klingon invasion. Once their Corps Of Engineers had cleared the site, his team quietly moved in, and set up shop. One thing he and his team had learned...Starfleet was incredibly efficient and through in their construction and rebuilding...they could show the Romulans a thing or two about construction...but they were the enemy, and the day would come when they too would be expelled from this world. He grew up hearing the Federation was weak, soft, unable to fight a real war...a belief shattered by the Dominion War. Now, here he was, his own world destroyed, billions of Romulans dead, and he was essentially hiding in the weeds. He had learned during his time in the service that direct confrontation was no longer an option..subterfuge and nuance were what would be required to wrest Duronis away from Federation influence, and others were involved in those actions. He hoped they had been able to effect more influence to stop Starfleet and the Federation from returning, but those efforts were slow to bear fruit, just as his efforts were..::

:: Armed with the knowledge Starfleet was sending a much more capable...and dangerous...Akira Class starship to replace the much weaker and destroyed Cheyenne Class upped the ante a bit...and he would love to see the day when pieces of this ships' hull adorned the Romulan Embassy as a testament to their regaining their place in the galactic hierarchy, the same as pieces of the hated Enterprise namesake were displayed in the now destroyed Romulan Senate. He also found it ironic that the half breed Sela, child of one of the captured Enterprise officers whom a Romulan had taken as a consort, was trying to pull the pieces of the shattered Empire together. His duty was to the Empire, and he would do whatever was required to make it possible...including hiding in the dirt, watching...and waiting. Merek would take this world and make it his own again, and with his success, he would also succeed, carving out his own niche in Mereks' eyes as a capable officer, one worthy of more responsibility and power...::

:: This was not his way. He would much rather spend his time cutting off the head of the snake...killing the female Starfleet captain and eliminating the Marine garrison. Starfleet Marines had more than proven their worth, and they were indeed a formidable force. Such actions usually had ramifications, but there were ways to kill which left no trail..at least, not one which would point back to them. Perhaps the Laudean agitation will provide such an opportunity to disrupt the Starfleet command structure...but those were matters which did not concern him...yet. His concern was not only what he was seeing, but what he wasn't seeing...things such as how much weaponry they had on hand? What kind of weaponry? What was the brown metallic coating over the top of the armory? These things needed closer observation, and he dared not get closer...being discovered would be considered a failure, and could get him killed...by either Starfleet or Merek. To be killed by Starfleet would be considered honorable, being killed by Merek, and he would be forever known as a failure. He would kill his own men for such incompetence...such things could not be tolerated. For now, he and his men waited...and watched...::

MSPNPC Subcommander Tal E'leck
Imperial Romulan Defense Force/ Duronis II Embassy

As simmed by:
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/Marine Commander/Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy

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