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April Responses and Winners!

Tony, aka VAiru

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Welcome to the end of our first short contest of 2013! April's Challenge asked participants to consider the theme "Do Unto Others," and I'm pleased to bring you the results now.

The winner of the Challenge for April is the writer behind Sinda Essen, with his story "Lex Talionis"! Our runner-up is the writer behind Jorus Cogud, with his story "Calling Home"! Congratulations to both of you!

My special thanks to my fellow judges for this round -- the writers behind Fleet Captain Toni Turner, Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, Commander Melitta Herodion, and Commander Karynn Ehlanii Brice.

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"Lex Talionis"

writer's character: Sinda Essen

judge's character: Toni Turner

The theme of "Do unto others" embraced the law of retaliation equivalent to an offense, went into effect in this well crafted study of lex talionis. Whether deemed retributive or poetic justice, the Cardassian hit all the marks as he enjoyed playing with the Vorta's confusion, until he gave her the final blow.". . . Fair is fair, after all.

However, it was phrases like, "Sudden light stabbed down into her eyes," and

"a growing sense of black fear began to take shape." that kept me reading just to see how many marbles the Cardassian had in play.

Well done, Sinda. Not a word wasted in either portrayal.


"Among Warriors"

writer's character: Jorus Cogud

judge's character: Aron Kells

"Among Warriors" is certainly a good example of what one might not want done unto them! This story immediately leaps forward with choices both in plot and in form (mostly commas where the reader might expect periods), and it doesn't let its momentum fade until the end. The story offers a unique story of a previous host of the Cogud symbiont, and I was pleased to see the writer attempt this! However, I had some questions, especially given that the writer's primary character is another Cogud host. Did these memories impact the Cogud symbiont in a particular way that made them resonate with the author, and can those memories be explored (or have they been) by Jorus in the main sim? These aren't critiques of the story at hand, mind you, just areas to possibly explore further, as the long-lived Trill symbionts offer a really unique way to tell a story.

Well done, and I hope to see you back for the next challenge.

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