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Round 11 Ensign Carlton Worick, Memories


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(( USS Drake - Science Lab

ILWARY: I think we can say with 99% confidence that they are us. ::She gasped
and panted few times watching his expression attentively.:: oOHe hates me
now.Oo ~I'll go and report to Captain, you can go and report to Commander
Brice. Explain her also about the radioactive substance they found out about and
tell her I'm going to talk to Captain and ask if we can do the active scan of
the planet ourselves to check their findings.~

WORICK: ~...okay~

:: He was already pulling back from contact, afraid not of her but of his own
feelings...although Ireya might not be able to tell the difference. ::

ILWARY:~ I think that finding out about the substance is now most important.
Go, we'll talk later.~ ::She paused for just a moment.::~ If you want to talk
to me again.~

WORICK: ~ I... ~

:: Abruptly, the scientist turned and fled. She thought he hated her...he'd
sensed that. In fact, he wasn't convinced she didn't hate herself. Hate the
weakness she fought every day. Didn't she know how amazingly strong she was?
But he couldn't be in her presence right now. He just couldn't. He couldn't
stand the look in her eyes, that assumption, that sure and certain knowledge
that having seen her so intimately he couldn't help but hate her.
The...arrogance that thought she knew what everyone else's feelings were. ::

:: He barreled into an unused lab and locked the door, then leaned against the
inside of it. ::

WORICK: I need the counselor is what. I need...help.

:: He wanted the feelings he had to go away. And he couldn't talk to the
counselor herself - she was on the bridge running the ship. Maybe one of her
assistants. No...none of them were telepaths or empaths, none of them would
understand. And he certainly wasn't going to try and talk to a Vulcan. ::

:: Carlton Worick sank to the floor, head in hands, waiting until he had enough
control over his thoughts and feelings to be able to stand being seen in
public. Being seen by her? He...curse it. He wanted so badly to wrap his arms
around her, but he knew she would misunderstand, would see it as that thing
even worse than hatred. ::

:: Pity. ::

PNPC Carlton Worick

Science Officer

USS Drake

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